Batman And Superman Battle It Out On Foxtel

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN POP-UP CHANNEL For the first time in Australia and only on Foxtel Featuring all fourteen Batman and Superman movies Friday, February 24 from 6.00am AEDT – Monday, February 27 Also available on Anytime In an Australian television first, Foxtel Movies presents an incredible line-up of all fourteen Batman and Superman movies on a…Read more

Foxtel Signs International News Correspondent Matt Doran

Foxtel today announced it has signed award winning international news correspondent, and crime journalist, Matt Doran. Matt will be seen five nights a week from March as host of a new investigative series, “Crime Watch Daily” and later in the year, as anchor of the highly successful, “Crimes That Shook Australia.” To begin weeknights at…Read more

First On FOX8 In February!

THE HOTTEST NEW US SHOWS This February, FOX8 will be the exclusive home for the hottest new shows from the US: crime drama series APB, hit comedy series, The Mick and the biggest music awards show on earth, The Grammy Awards. APB, the new crime drama starring Australia’s own Daniel Macpherson, will premiere on Thursday, February…Read more

The Dominators Are Coming

The long awaited DC Crossover event kicks off at the end of Supergirl’s episode where we see Kara being recruited be her old friend Barry Allen to help stop an alien invasion! When aliens called the Dominators attack Central City, Barry speeds over to Star City to ask the Green Arrow for help in stopping…Read more

Catch Ups With Jordan

Jordan Simek was eliminated after makeover week where her biker shot didn’t quite meet the brief, leaving her just half a point short.  She left with high spirits, making it to the top 10 with an ambassador position under her belt. Jordan scored the top spot in the week 2 Colgate challenge and became the face for Colgate Optic White…Read more