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Will Ian be the next Cricket Superstar?


Hometown: Melbourne

Age: 21

Skill: All Rounder

Born in the USA, Ian moved to Australia when he was two years old and grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He started playing cricket aged seven at Ringwood Junior Cricket Club.  He remained there for nine years, representing his district and state on numerous occasions. At the age of 17 Ian was invited to join the Ringwood Senior Cricket Club, and slowly worked his way up through the ranks.  He went through the Pathways system and represented Victoria in the under-17s.  It was around this time that Ian had a major setback after suffering from stress fractures. While it put him behind the rest of his peers at the time, he says it taught him to manage and condition his body from a young age, and he has not had any major injury since. Ian went on to represent Victoria in the under-19s, and also played in the U23 Futures League for Victoria. Ian continues to play with Ringwood Senior Cricket Club, and is also in the development squad at Cricket Victoria’s Academy.  Ian currently works as a cricket coach at Topline Cricket in Bayswater North while studying for a Bachelor of Exercise Science at ACU.

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