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Will James be the next Cricket Superstar?


Hometown: Adelaide

Age: 21

Skill: Batsman

James started playing cricket at the age of nine with the Smithfield Cricket Club before moving on to the Northern Districts Cricket Club.  James had a successful junior career – he was selected for the Australian under-15s side, and also played state cricket for South Australia, playing in the U15s, U17s and U19s.   He also played AFL, and at the end of 2007 he switched full-time to football after being drafted by the Adelaide Crows.  Unfortunately a serious hip condition forced him to retire the following year. Instead, James was offered a full time position with the Crows as a Junior Development Officer, which involved travelling to schools to promote healthy living and lifestyle.   During this time he had a break from high-level cricket and played for Stansbury Cricket Club. Wanting to reignite his cricket career, James went to England in 2011 where he had a four month stint playing for Nottinghamshire side Wiseton. He returned to Adelaide in August 2011 and rejoined the Northern Districts Cricket Club.  James currently works with a family friend installing air conditioning units.  In his spare time he plays mixed netball with his girlfriend, and enjoys water skiing.

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