About The Recruit


THE RECRUIT is a reality football entertainment show that will give one player a guaranteed place on an AFL list.

The series follows 15 as yet undiscovered AFL players from around the country as they live and play together as a team, while at the same time competing against each other in order to win this life-changing prize.

Each episode starts with a Captain’s Challenge in which the contestants must compete against one another in a variety of challenges both on and off the football field.  The winner is appointed as that week’s captain and receives instant immunity, ensuring they are safe for another week.  It also gives that player the power of what is known as “Captain’s Call”.

The episode then moves on to the Team Challenge, where the boys must work together as a team under the direction of their captain. This is in the form of a football match against selected opposition at various ovals, or a challenge that demonstrates teamwork, adaptability, discipline, respect and resilience.

At the end of the episode the players head to the Locker Room at Etihad Stadium for Rate Your Mate.  Led by Mind Coach Leigh Russell, Rate Your Mate is an open and often confronting forum that is similar to what is carried out every week by AFL teams following a match – the Recruits dissect one another’s performance for the week and give their fellow players honest feedback.  At the end, the contestants must each vote for the weakest three Recruits to face delisting.

Meanwhile, the Executive Team comprising of Mick Malthouse, Ben Dixon and Darren Burgess, are upstairs in the War Room watching on as the Recruits give their peer to peer feedback.

The players then head to the centre of Etihad Stadium where the weakest three are announced.  At this point, the Captain’s Call comes into play and that week’s Captain can choose to swap one of the weakest three for another team mate.

The final decision regarding who leaves the competition is made by Mick, who announces which player has been delisted.

By the Live Final three players will remain.  The decision is now out of Mick’s hands as the AFL club recruiters take over.  In a special Draft held at Crown Palms in Melbourne, representatives from each of the 18 AFL clubs will be present and will crown the Recruit winner, where he will sign an AFL contract live on stage.


The Recruit(s):  Used instead of the word ‘player’ or ‘footballer’

Weekend Warrior: The term for footballers who toil away every weekend in the local/country leagues.

Weakest Three: The three Recruits who are selected by their teammates for the Delisting process.

Executive Team: Made up of the Coach, Assistant Coach, High Performance Coach and Psychology Coach. These four contribute to who gets delisted every episode.

Delisted/ Delisting: Used instead of the term ‘elimination’. This process will take place in the middle of Etihad Stadium.

Locker Room / Rate your Mate: Is where the Recruits dissect each other’s performance throughout the week and vote for the weakest three Recruits who will ultimately face delisting.

The War Room: The boardroom type location where the Executive Team conducts its summary of each Recruit.

Captain’s Challenge: The individual challenge staged at a scenic/iconic location to determine that episodes’ Captain.

Captain’s Call: Where the Recruit who won the Captain’s Challenge gets to utilise his power – to save or swap one of the three weakest Recruits.