What To Expect For Arrow Season 7: Juliana Harkarvy

Season 7 Arrow: Tuesdays 9:30pm from October 16

With season seven about to premiere, we catch up with Juliana Harkavy to find out what fans can expect from her character and upcoming storylines of the DC Comics drama…

 What went through your mind when you read the script for the first episode of season seven?

The first script is one of the best scripts I’ve read. My jaw was on the floor within the first paragraph. They go straight in there. It’s been that way consistently through the second episode and beyond. It’s amazing. It’s really well written. Our new writers are fantastic.

Where would you like to see Dinah go as a hero this season?

I love this question. I want her to find her own definition of heroism, because it’s changed so much. The seeking of vengeance last year. She thought that that was justice – but towards the end of the season she then realized that maybe that’s not justice. I would love for her to keep embracing that and growing as a person. I’d like her to evolve as a character.

What do you love the most about the character?

I love her harshness and her darkness – and all of that – but I would love it to be a bit nuanced. I would love for her to have more levels in how she approaches her vigilantism and her work. That’s my hope for season seven.

When Dinah came into the show, teams were fractured. What does she think about teamwork in season seven?

Despite her inclination to want to be a loner; to do things on her own and take care of business on her own, I think that having the team gave her a family. In that sense, I think she wants everybody back together. I think she feels bad and guilty about what happened to Oliver [played by Stephen Amell], and she thinks they work better as a unit. That’s the other thing about her this season; I really want her to keep understanding the meaning of the team and of the family.

What can you tease about the relationship between Dinah Drake and Laurel Lance [played by Katie Cassidy] in season seven?

Last season, it was intense – but I think that that relationship and that dynamic is evolving in a very cool way. They are still at odds, but there is going to be a shift there. To be honest, their relationship involves some of my favorite writing in the show this season. I love the stuff between Dinah and Laurel.

Will we see any Birds of Prey action this season?

God, I hope so. That’s my dream. I keep pitching it to everyone. That would be awesome!

There are lots of spinoff shows in the works. Why not add that to the list?

Exactly. Why not? It would be awesome, right? Yeah. We have so many great girls that we could do that with. It would be really cool. I really want a spin off!

There were a lot of arguments between many of the characters in season six. What’s the atmosphere like in season seven?

I think that everybody may have softened a bit because of what happened to Oliver. All of that animosity from last season got broken up when we realized what a huge sacrifice he made for us, even though we were fighting and had been in such a dark place. There’s a little less animosity this year, which I think is nice because I like working with the team. It’s fun. 

How will Dinah cope with the loss of Quentin Lance [played by Paul Blackthorne?

That was very, very difficult for everyone. It was difficult for us as actors, and it was difficult for our characters for sure. Dinah’s had a lot of loss and I think that she considered Quentin a real ally and almost like a father figure to her. It was very, very hard. On set, it’s still hard just not having Paul around. It’s rough.

Does Quentin’s death bring Dinah closer to Laurel?

I think that the death of Quentin gave her a little bit more empathy for Laurel. While she’s not her favorite person, I think there’s growth there. She’s maybe evolving towards forgiveness.

Redemption is the underlying theme of season seven. How does that affect your character?

I think that Dinah is going to be redeemed in the way that she approaches her relationships and the way that she approaches her heroism and her vigilantism, and her life as a cop. She’s doing a whole reevaluation.

How is Dinah going to go about rebuilding the trust in the law enforcement system?

That’s a big, big job she has on her hands. It’s not going to be easy for her and I think that’s going to be a big part of her mission this season; figuring out how to restore this city’s faith in its heroes.

What does Dinah think about A.R.G.U.S. at the start of season seven?

I think Dinah’s definitely reevaluating the way that she needs to protect herself now because they are exposed. Everybody is being a lot more cautious this season and she has to be a little more sophisticated in how she does her work.

Does she feel isolated?

I think it’s in her instinct, and her instinct is to lean on herself. She always struggles with the team and having a boss, so I think she’s relying on herself – but she’s also questioning things. I think she’s realizing that she does want a group around her. She does want a team. However, it’s definitely been different without Oliver. They all miss him.

How have fans responded to the character of Dinah Drake?

It’s been really fun to play this character. You can definitely feel the impact that these characters have on people, which is really humbling. Going to Comic-Con and meeting the fans is one of my favorite times of year now. It’s great.

Season 7 Arrow: Tuesdays 9:30pm from October 16