Emily Bett Rickards Has An Interesting Take On Season 5 Of Arrow

Emily Bett Rickards Has An Interesting Take On Season 5 Of Arrow

With the fifth season of the superhero series about to air, we catch up with actress Emily Bett Rickards – who plays Felicity Smoak in the show – to find out more…

What is the state of Felicity’s relationship with Oliver at the start of Season Five?

Their romantic relationship has disintegrated, but I do believe that their communication is getting better. I think that has a lot to do with them being in a new type of relationship – past the break-up – and having to work together, having a common goal and trying to decide things. They are trying to improve the city, themselves and their relationship.

So they’re not back together, but things are good?

It’s interesting how we left off with the bunker being destroyed and them both standing strong in a place that they have inevitably destroyed themselves; with their relationship also being destroyed and broken. They end up staying and they clean it up, and they start moving around each other, obviously in a different way. Their dance will be a little different this season, but I think it’s growing.


Is there an ongoing element of not being able to fully trust one another?

I feel like they have trust. I feel like they want to think the best of one another. That can sometimes be a problem, because you end up finding out how much your boundaries move. I think they are both very strong-willed and they both have very strong boundaries, and it’s trying to figure out where they can let each other back in. They both trust that they would save each other’s lives, but do they trust each other with their emotions and with their heart? That’s different.

This season, will we see any continuing guilt from Felicity over what happened in Havenrock?

That is her crux of the season. She definitely carries a lot on her shoulders from that. It was the lesser of two evils, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that she killed 10,000 people.


What would you like to see happen to Felicity in Season Five?

Interestingly enough, I love to play the comedy in everything, so selfishly that is what I always ask for. The problem with that this season is that I can’t really do that because of the guilt she is carrying with Havenrock. It’s tearing her up inside in ways we don’t know about. I mean, it will take years off her life, so I’d like to show the strength in dealing with that, because something I always find really precious is the private moments that you get to see. I mean, that’s why we like to watch stories, because you don’t usually get to watch people have private moments.

Felicity lost her job at the end of Season Four. What is she going to be doing in Season Five?

I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about Palmer Tech this season. She owns the company, because Ray signed it over to her. Then she tried to give it back to Ray and he didn’t want it. She probably still owns the company, but in terms of a day job for Felicity, we haven’t really seen much of that yet.

Will we see Felicity try to get Palmer Tech back?

That set is actually gone, but it’s easily rebuilt. It’s a beautiful set. The space is there; we just made it into something else. But I think her main goal is to get the microchip more accessible for the public access, and working towards helping people with paralysis. That is really important to her and I hope that’s something that she can keep doing.

The producers of the show have declared Arrow is going back to its roots in Season Five. It’s going to be more grounded and gritty. Have you noticed a difference?

I agree. It’s going back to its street-fighting roots, which I always liked. We introduced magic on our show, but that wasn’t necessarily what our show first started out to be – and from what I know, it wasn’t what it was ever supposed to be either. We’re getting more grounded, in that the writers are basing the show from a reality standpoint and bringing it back to having people do real things that are extreme, but still real things. I love acting and working through things that are based in reality, so it’s great for me.

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Will you be involved with many stunts in Season Five?

I haven’t yet. I just try to get it out in my real life; I try to box and jump off buildings in my free time.

Do you hope for more stunts and action scenes?

Do I hope for more? Yeah, absolutely. I don’t necessarily know that Felicity wants more. I don’t think that she does, and I have to be respectful of that. I like being active; I’m very physical, but I can’t really push for me to do that. It’s up to Felicity really.

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