Sabine’s Episode 9 Blog

Sabine’s Episode 9 Blog


Milan… Words can’t describe the experience and how much gratitude I have towards going on the incredible and eye-opening adventure. It was definitely an experience, bursting with culture, learning and excitement.

On the first day we arrived everyone was exhausted and extremely jet-lagged, but we managed to gather the energy to explore the cobbled streets in search of an early dinner. Starting the trip well, the four of us had a delicious traditional Italian banquet of cured salty meats, creamy cheese, fresh bread and vegetable salads with basil and tomato covered in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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In the morning due to the jet-lag everyone woke up really early with the sun, so we had time to go out and have coffee and an early breakfast. It was so nice to walk in the streets of Milan at that time, the buzz of the day had not yet set in and the old roads were quiet and smelt like warm bread and coffee grinds. As we moved further into the center of the city I fell in love with the architecture of the sandstone buildings and the culture and the history that lined each wall.

We met Megan out the front of the Dumolo, which was this incredible cathedral built in a beautiful gothic style and stood tall in the city square. Megan welcomed us to what she called her ‘second home’, Milan and told us about our adventure for the day. We were required to navigate ourselves around the city in order to attend two castings one with Gaia Trussadi and another with Andrea Popillini, both top designers in Milan. What a better way to get to know the city and further explore it’s maze of beautiful alleyways and old streets…?

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The next day was the photo shoot, in the morning we drove to … A beautiful canal where the four of us sat at a little traditional coffee bar and drank espresso coffee and eat warm croissants. We then met Megan by the water, who introduced us to the photographer and described the shoot. We were to embody a strong and beautiful Italian woman wearing in the middle of the chaotic afternoon streets. Although we would have to focus and try extra hard to transform into this character. Nevertheless both the stylist and the photographer were woman who had been extremely successful and internationally renowned in the industry whom we could draw inspiration from. Moreover we were going to wear top Italian brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Fendi, which further added to the transformation. The day was filled with colour, excitement, culture, creativity and energy.


At the end of the day just as the sun was setting making the sky pink, which has reflected on the canal, Daisy, Linnea, Aleyna and I sat in a cafe by the waters edge. We chattered as we ate and drank in the bubbling chaos of the summer’s evening enjoying each others company and soaking up our last night in Milan. I can easily say it was it was a day that I will never forget and always stay very close to my heart.