8 Signs You’re Hooked on Your Fitbit Tracker

8 Signs You’re Hooked on Your Fitbit Tracker

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Does your healthy obsession with nailing 10,000 steps a day consume you? You’re not alone. Here are eight common signs you’re hooked on your Fitbit tracker.

1. “10,000 steps! Nailed it.”

When you feel compelled to announce you’ve hit your step goal.

2. 10 miles to the closest mall? Bring. It. On.

When you start thinking everything is within walking distance.

3. Celebrate those extra steps—and how easy it is to find a spot.

When you park far away on purpose.

4. Fear of missing steps strikes again.

When forgetting your tracker makes walking home feel meaningless.

5. Phones can be borrowed, but you’ll never get those steps back.

When you charge your tracker before your phone.

6. You’d be surprised how many steps you can get in your own living room.

When 4 lights keeps you up at night.

7. Who’s got the confetti?

When you get excited over a broken Escalator.

8. Step counts over subject lines.

When you check your leader board more than email.

Written By FitBit Staff

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