Season 1 Model Simmone Duckmanton

Season 1 Model Simmone Duckmanton

10 seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model means a whole lot of flashbacks!

Do you remember Simmone from Season 1? Simmone came 5th and knew nothing at all about modeling before she auditioned to be part of Season 1 of Australia’s Next Top Model.

This was her back then…


And this is her more recently!

SanCerre Spring Summer 14/15 @teganjulia working with an amazing team

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Simone was eliminated in Episode 6 after an awkward photo-shoot with a pole! Simone stating at her final encounter with the judges “I didn’t really know what to do around the pole”.

To celebrate 10 seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model we caught up with Simone to take a walk down memory lane!

What was the best part of being on ANTM?
The experiences, the people we met and the designers we got to work with.

What was your best ANTM photo and why?
My lingerie shoot, I was so nervous about what I would look like and when I saw my picture pop up I loved it and got the best feedback!

What was the hardest ANTM challenge you took part in and why?
The hardest for me was the spider shoot because I was so scared of them and it took a mental strength to get through it!

What have you been up to since ANTM?
Since Top Model I have modeled continuously. I moved to Sydney for 3 and half years and worked for many magazines and fashion week. I moved into acting and have focused more on that.  I have done a lot of commercials, 2 short films and have played a few big parts on Australian TV. I now also do Hair and Makeup, have my own beauty salon and I have a bar and restaurant!

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Did you learn any to[s from the show that you applied to your beauty business?
I actually did! I assisted Isabella Schmid to learn about hair and makeup and back in season 1 she was my makeup artist on Top Model, so I learnt everything from this amazing woman which I use every day in my beauty businesses and my shoots.

One of my new shots by the lovely @nicolecorbettphoto makeup by @victoriamartinmakeup @chadwickmodels

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Advice for the current ANTM Season 10 Models?
Stay true to who you are. Listen when given feedback. Work on it, do your research and please be kind to one another!