Season 2 Model Madeleine Rose

Season 2 Model Madeleine Rose

Remember Madeleine? She was eliminated in Episode 7 of Season 2 of Australia’s Next Top Model.


Madeline always dreamt of being in front of the Camera and when she auditioned for Australia’s Next Top Model she got her big industry break!

After being eliminated from episode 7, Madeline went on to Model for around 7 years before turning to the books to study nursing.

She’s now a midwife and upon reflection she says being on Australia’s Next Top Model was such a great introduction to the industry and that the job options afterwards were simply amazing.

Here’s Madeline now:

Was 2degrees this morning!! Chilly! ⛄️❄️ #winteriscoming/alreadyhere#canberra#chilly????

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We caught up with Madeline to reflect on her time on Australia’s Next Top Model and how it paved her way into the industry and here’s what she had to say…

What do you remember about the very first promotional shoot you did for Australia’s Next Top Model?
The gold star painting on my face!

What did being on ANTM teach you?
It taught me patience and I gained such a thick skin! I learnt not to take criticism personally!

What is a standout ANTM memory for you?
Every single photo-shoot was just awesome; each one helped me to prove to myself that I really wanted to become a model.

What was your best ANTM photoshoot and why?
The shoot in the country! I loved the styling and my long hair extensions, oh and my little lamb! It was also just a really awesome setting.

What’s one of the big shoots you’ve done since ANTM?
Cover of Oyster Magazine issue 69!

Somebody wanted me to have one of my greatest achievements on display ☺️

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Who has been your favourite ANTM winner over the years?
I think Alice Burdeu was just stunning!

What advice would you give for the current ANTM Cycle 10 Models?
Relax, enjoy the ride and keep your wits about you!

Do you have a secret beauty tip to share with fans?
Bio oil under the eyes and lips!

Do you have a fitness tip you can share with our fans?
Drink copious amounts of water and keep up the cardio!