The Top 2’s Journey In Photos

The Top 2’s Journey In Photos

From 13 down to 2, we are almost at the end of the tenth season of Australia’s Next Top Model!


What a ROLLERCOASTER it has been for our top 2! Aleyna and Sabine were some of the youngest of the group at only 16 and 17 respectively when their journey began.

Both girls were pretty shy to begin with and were quiet characters in amongst the mix of personalities that were our top 13.


Week 1:

The girls first challenge was to walk the Runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for the notoriously tough critic… Alex Perry


As daunting as it was, the girls both did well, especially Aleyna who took out the top spot after really impressing the judges.

The photo shoot brought back one of Australia’s Next Top Model’s greats Montana Cox, who helped mentor the girls through the stress of their first real professional shoot.

The aim for the girls was to face off with another model and produce a high quality photo without being outshone.



Week 2:

High-pressure week sees a massive prize up for grabs in the challenge. The models worked in teams to produce a social media video for Colgate Optic White, with the winner becoming their new brand ambassador!

Congrats to Jordz!!

We were graced with the presence of model ROYALTY Elle Macpherson for the week 2 photo shoot. The girls faced the challenge of working with factors that you can’t really control, like animals! (unfortunately none of the girls were proficient horse whisperers).


Sabine, being the nature girl that she is, decided to surprise the photographers and mentors by jumping straight on the horse…everyone loved her enthusiasm!

FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep2_Sabine FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep2_Aleyna

Week 3:

The girls learnt this week that all that glitters is not gold…sometimes it’s crystals. Swarovski were the client for the girls first “working model” experience. They were presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, modelling Swarovski Jewels at Fashion Week. Wowza.

Emoji Smiley-184Emoji Smiley-184Emoji Smiley-184Emoji Smiley-184

The photo shoot brought in 3 alumni from the Top Model Hall Of Fame to teach the girls how to work together and compliment each other in a photo.


We had Simone, Cassie and Amanda as mentors this week, who have all branched out into very different areas of modelling. Great real life experience and knowledge was imparted into our newbies.

Aleyna and Sabine worked great in their collaborative groups and we’re both awarded with an A+ + + + +

Sabine got a particularly great compliment this week when her look took the judges by surprise….


FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep3_SabineLinneaCitoria FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep3_ChristyAleynaKassidy

Week 4:



Post makeover the girls learn they will be photographed with a group of Bikers, Hipsters or Punks. There’s no room for blending in! Sabine rocks her new look as a punk princess and Aleyna shows us her bad ass side as she joins the biker gang.

FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep4_Sabine FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep4_Aleyna

Week 5:

Jen introduces the iconic model that started the Baby Doll trend, Gemma Ward!  The girls are challenged to come up with a screen test script that details what the iconic Little Black Dress means to them. But that’s not all, they’re asked to confidently deliver their piece to camera, in front of Jen and Gemma. Eeek!

That sounds pretty freakin terrifying but our top two do well, despite some technical difficulties…

As a reward for all their hard work in the LBD challenge, the girls are sent on a trip even further down under to TASMANIA!!!


Aleyna smashes it out of this park at the Tasmanian warrioresqe photo shoot with not one, not two but three 10’s from our judges (even Alex). The first perfect score of the season!

Emoji Symbols-181Emoji Symbols-181Emoji Symbols-181Emoji Symbols-181

FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep5_Aleyna FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep5_Sabine

Well done girls!


Week 6:

The theme was ExTrEmE and to top that off there was  a double elimination. Yikes.

In order to win, the girls had to take a long walk down a tricky floating catwalk in long flowing dresses, then plunge into a deep swimming pool, hold their breath and attempt to pose for some beautiful underwater photos. They were LITERALLY THROWN IN THE DEEP END this week.


Water turns to fire as the  heat is turned up to max for the photo shoot. The girls pose whilst dodging the chaos of fire and pyrotechnics surrounding them!


Week 7:

Body week, a very intense and emotional week for our top 2. Sabine is determined that this will be her week to shine but struggles in the challenge to make the impression she wanted. There were tears…


but she makes up for it in the photo shoot scoring the second triple tenner of the season for her Cozi bikini shoot.

Emoji Symbols-181Emoji Symbols-181Emoji Symbols-181Emoji Symbols-181

Aleyna had a solid week as usual, doing fantastically in both the challenge and the photo shoot but the pressure of success gets to her a little bit during the elimination after Kassidy names her as the biggest threat in the competition.


FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep7_Sabine FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep7_Aleyna

Week 8:

Tensions were running really really high in week 8. The challenge was tough as the girls had to portray their own personal brand…not an easy feat for teenage girls.

Sabine followed her roots and went for the boho hippie look while Aleyna struggled to identify herself as the pressures of being in the top 5 started to take effect.

In contrast to the seriousness of the challenge, the girls photo shoot allowed them to express their quirky side with these colourful numbers while being mentored by a Victoria’s Secret Angel, no biggie.


Aleyna totally owned the yellow, looking like a ray of sunshine and Sabine showed some serious mad hatter vibes in the purple!

FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Ep_8_Gallery (1)

FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep8_Aleyna FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep8_Sabine

Week 9:

Week 9 see’s Aleyna and Sabine with a 50/50 chance of becoming Australia’s Next Top Model after nailing their photo shoot in fashion capital of the world, Milan!


FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Ep9_BTS_S10 (10)

Their trip was far from a holiday, anything but fun and games as the competition heated up. The girls had to prove their worth in a real life casting with some of Italy’s toughest critics.

Everything they thought they knew about castings was thrown out the window. Nothing could have prepared them for a real casting with leading fashion talent in Milan.

After an incredible photo shoot in the streets of Milan, it was Aleyna and Sabine that scored the most points putting them in the top 2 position!

FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep9_Aleyna FOX8_Australias_Next_Top_Model_Best_Shot_Ep9_Sabine

Now they will face probably the most nerve wracking moment of their life as one of them is crowned Australia’s Next Top Model.

See You At The Finale