Wondering what Vitoria is up to?

Wondering what Vitoria is up to?

Extreme model week brought with it a lot of pressure and to add, the week came a shock double elimination!

Vitoria gracefully plunged into the pool for the challenge, and turned the heat up to the max in the photo shoot, but sadly lost by half a point to Kassidy, meaning Vitoria had to leave the competition.

We were all sad to see her go, twitter went into meltdown and fans were outraged so it’s only fitting that we caught up with Vitoria ASAP to find out what she’s been up to…

Vitoria, what have you been up to since the end of ANTM?
Since the end of ANTM I went straight to Europe to enjoy a month of sunshine and happiness! Back in Sydney I went back to university and have been modelling full time.

Have you landed yourself any modelling jobs?
I can happily say yes! ANTM gave me such great exposure and I’ve been getting lots of modelling gigs  I’m stocked!

Tell us about your experience with The Iconic and modelling their fashion brands…
I’m so honored to work for such an amazing company! Everyone behind its production is just incredible! I get to wear amazing brands and work with the nicest people! It is always a pleasure to work there! Here’s a few snaps:

Tell us  about the show po video with the colour changing dress! Can you believe how viral it went?
Hahaha 🙂 I cant believe how crazy it went! I have friends from all around the world telling me I’m on their buzz-feed. Pretty funny reading news about me in German, French and some languages I’ve never heard of before! Thar video was actually a Samsung job that Jane (showpo’s CEO) and I got. After a few weeks we revealed that it was NOT true, but it could be one day!

Who we’re you closest to in the ANTM House? Are you still in touch with the girls?
Jessie, my darling Avatar. We speak every week! I also met up with Jordan not long ago and keep in touch via social media with all the other chickens:)

Will you continue to pursue modelling and what’s your dream?
100% yes! I got so much love from the public and from people in the industry that I’m certain it isn’t too late for me to give modelling a proper go! My dream is to be on the cover of Women’s health magazine and of course, Vogue.