Season 1 Winner Gemma Sanderson

Season 1 Winner Gemma Sanderson

Season 1 Winner Gemma Sanderson

Do you remember the first ever season of Australia’s Next Top Model? It aired on 11th of January 2005, it actually seems like a life time ago.

Erika Heynatz hosted the first two series of Australia’s Next Top Model and can be quoted in the opening stages of Season 1 saying – “It’s about hard work, talent, beauty and personality.  It’s about find a girl with unrealised potential and releasing it”. So that’s exactly what Australia’s Next Top Model host Erika did with the help of Alex Perry, Maguerite Kramer, Ken Thompson!

The first ever winner of Australia’s Next Top Model was Gemma Sanderson.


Gemma was born in Newcastle NSW and was only 22 years old when she first won. It was a hard run for Gemma who revealed during the season that she was suffering from depression.

What’s she up to now?

Gemma is currently based in London and is working full time as a professional model.

Since her win on Australia’s Next Top Model, Gemma’s portfolio has grown considerably and if you’re a fan of ASOS then you’ve most likely seen her as part of the catalogue!

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Gemma has also modelled for David Jones, Napoleon Perdis, Victoria Beckham, Italian Elle, Scandinavia Vogue.  She’s featured in campaigns for: Batiste, Lynx, Palmolive, Avon, Tresemme, Topshop, New Look, Marks & Spencer, Anthropologie, Esprit. – Was in Duran Duran’s video ‘Girl Panic’ alongside Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

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In celebration of 10 seasons of model we caught up with Gemma to talk all things model.

What did being on ANTM teach you?

How to be a model! Before Australia’s Next Top Model I’d done a little bit of modelling, but really I had no idea how far I could be pushed to be a better model. It really pushed me out of comfort soze and for that I am so grateful!

What do you remember as your best Australia’s Next Top Model Photo and why?

I loved the gold leaf shoot the most. Especially when Margeurite Kramer (one of the jduges) said I looked genetically engineered, the best compliment ever! Looking at the picture on the screen really made me see myself in a different light.

What do you think of when you look back at your younger self on Australia’s Next Top Model Season 1?

I cringe! We were told at the start to be ourselves in front of the camera and being young and naïve I did so.