Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang

Fresh Off The Boat – Eddie Huang is the eldest song of the family, he loves hip-hop but feels like the black sheep of the family. Not entirely happy at the concept of moving, he desperately wants to belong, yet is made fun of on the first day of school from his smelly Chinese food lunch. Despite trying times, Eddie has a plan to get his situation to change, usually inspired by his favourite rappers.

Potrayed by Hudson Yang.

Hudson Yang is a newcomer to the world of acting, having only started his career 18 months before landing the role of Eddie in Fresh Off The Boat. After he heard of a school friend’s experience acting in a commercial, Hudson begged his parents for the opportunity to have a go himself. At an open call for the movie The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, he impressed the casting director that much that they even referred him to his now current agents Ellen Gilbert and Rachel Altman. Hudson has made appearances on Family Guy, Cyberchase and Jason Chu’s music video Marvels.

Now living in California having moved from Brooklyn, Hudson enjoys playing Minecraft and singing karaoke.

Fresh Off The Boat

Season 6
Date & time
13: Mommy And Me
13: Mommy And Me
Mon 2 March·9:30pm