Jane The Virgin

Xiomara Villanueva

Xiomara Villanueva

Xiomara is Jane’s young mum, who wants her to daughter to have the very best in life and experience as many different things as possible. Very easy going, Xiomara works as a performer at a nightclub and teaches a dance class for little girls in her living room. Despite the fact she had Jane at age 17 and is not very responsible, she’s very loving and self-sacrificing, prepared to do anything for her family.

Portrayed by by Andrew Navedo.

 Andrea Navedo has always had a dream of becoming an actress. After finishing school, Andrea landed roles on One Life To Live, Guiding Light and Law & Order. She’s also had guest starring roles on NY Undercover, Damages and Blue Bloods.

On the film side, Andrea has co-starred with Robert Pattinson in Remember Me, and played Jennifer Lopez’s sister in El Cantante. Andrea Navedo lives in New York with her husband and children.