Maggie Baptiste

Maggie Baptiste

Stitchers – Maggie Baptiste is a skilled veteran of undercover operations, she is the head of the stitcher program and played a part in the recruitment of Kirsten.

Portrayed by Salli Richarson-Whitefield. 

An acting veteran of over 30 years, Salli Richardson-Whitfield has worked in over 20 motion pictures including Possie and A Low Down Dirty Shame, appearing alongside actors Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Will Smith to name a few.

Behind the camera she has extended her skills to that of producing and directing. She’s directed two episodes of her show Eureka, as well as directing the short film Grace. On the producing front, she’s conceived the made for TV movie Teachers for Magic Johnson’s network, Aspire.

A wife and mother, she also has become involved in numerous charitable and philanthropic events.