Brandon Routh Talks BIG THINGS About The Atom

Brandon Routh Talks BIG THINGS About The Atom

In Season One of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter [played by Arthur Darvill] was tasked with assembling a disparate group of heroes and villains. With Season Two about to launch, we catch up with actor Brandon Routh – who plays Ray Palmer/Atom – to discover what lies in store for the ragtag team of misfits and masterminds…

What can fans expect from Ray Palmer in Season Two?

It has been touched on before, but this season we will elaborate on Ray’s journey into discovering what it really means to be a superhero. What makes a true hero? Is it the powers? Is it the person? Is it your abilities? Is it the suit? That is a theme for Ray and it percolates through the rest of the team as well. Maybe there are different versions of superheroes?


Does Ray feel more centered and grounded now that he has a group of people around him?

Sure. I think he feels worthy to be there and that he’s really making a difference. I think he feels like his life matters. Especially when you consider the little pep talk that he has with Rip in Rip’s parlor, motivating Rip to move forward in a way that he was able to figure out how to destroy the Oculus.

Have there been any updates to Atom’s costume for Season Two?

Not physically that anybody would ever see, but comfort-wise for me, they’ve made some modifications, which are nice. We are going to see some changes as far as what the suit does throughout the season; some new abilities, but visually I don’t think it’s going to change.

What’s Ray’s role in this group of heroes and villains?

Everybody has their own certain skill that they’re the go-to for on the Waverider. Ray is definitely more on the computer side of things; the programming side of working the ship.


A running joke is the fact that your tech doesn’t always work. As the resident brain, how does that make Ray feel?

I think one of the things about tech is that there are always new evolutions and new updates, but at some point you have to test it. A lot of the time, testing is on the fly because there’s no time. Just look at the shrink-ray at the end of last season. It worked once, but it didn’t work again. There’s no time to workshop it, you know? Life is hanging in the balance. Thankfully, the team has enough resources that they figure out another way to get rid of that last meteorite.

Season One ended with Rex Tyler showing up in a future version of the Waverider. It looked like nobody was more elated to meet the Justice Society Of America than Ray…

I think that’s true. With everything I know about the second season, Ray is pretty gung-ho about meeting the Justice Society. He thinks they’re pretty cool and they’ve got a well-oiled machine, so maybe the Legends can emulate certain aspects of that.

What was your initial reaction when you discovered the news that the Justice Society was going to be introduced into DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow?

I was excited. I can’t wait to go back to the 40s, where we’re going to catch up with them and see a cohesive team that’s being doing it for a while. It’s going to be fun to see how they’re doing it compared to how the Legends are doing it; let’s see what we can learn from that, and maybe what they can learn from us. I’m thrilled. We have a couple of big episodes with a lot of actors and a lot of super-powered people. I’m sure it will make for some great television.

 How long will the show spend in the 1940s?

I think we’ll spend a fair amount of time there, in different countries within the 1940s. That’s the focus of the first couple of episodes, and there’s a couple of times we go way back. Actually, I don’t know how much I can say about where we go. We go further back than we’ve gone before!


Is there a limit to how far you can go back? Can you go back to the beginning of time?

I don’t know about that. I don’t even know if the Time Masters figured out how to do that.

Is Ray going to be okay with Kendra going off into the sunset?

Well, I think it’s been six months now. That relationship was up and down, except for the two years in the fifties, but when they got back to the show-time, things were up and down. I think there was a real connection between Kendra and Ray, but Ray understands that’s the way it is. He’d still like to have somebody, but I think he’s okay with being alone right now.

Jonathan Schaech is returning as Jonah Hex this season. Will he be a series regular? 

I don’t know. Jonathan is great. I’d love to have him back and I’m sure he’d love to come back, even though it’s a long time in makeup for him to get his scars on. This season opens up an opportunity to have a whole bunch of people back from our last season, and from the other shows as well because we’re not chasing Savage. We’re able to do more of whatever we want, so the whole world is open.

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Flashpoint is happening on The Flash this season. Do you think this could affect the storylines of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow in any way?

I’m excited to see what happens on The Flash, and I know they’ve already teased that there are going to be some ramifications on Arrow. I do geek out about all that stuff, following what the ripple effect is from all these things that happen. Seeing them interconnected throughout all of our shows is a really cool thing. It’s incredibly challenging for the writers, show writers and producers – but it’s very cool for the fans. It makes the scope even bigger and that more epic for all our shows together. Anything is up for grabs, I guess. Maybe it will have an effect on our show at some point. Maybe we’ll have to go back and help out? It would be great for us to be able to help out fixing some of that flash-forward stuff, especially since we’re time travelers.

Do you think it’s a little too soon to do Flashpoint, because The Flash has only been on the air for two seasons?

Oh, I’m sure they’ll make it work. I’m not worried. I love watching The Flash. So far, it’s been greatly entertaining. You’ve got to keep upping the stakes, you know? You don’t want to be lukewarm. You want to make it bigger. Better. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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