Pretty Little Liars Episodes

Everything you need to know about every episode of Pretty Little Liars on FOX8 is right here in the Pretty Little Liars episode guide!

Episode 11 : Playtime

In the premiere of season 7B Spencer is fighting for her life after being shot and dealing with the repercussions on learning that her biological mother is in fact, Mary Drake. Ezra and Aria face the consequences of Nicole being alive and what it means for their relationship. Caleb and Hanna contemplate where their relationship is at and where they will go from here. Finally, A.D sends the girls a gift that will have the girls pushed to a whole new level.

Episode 12 : These Boots Were Made For Stalking

After Spencer’s turn with the board game last episode, another PLL is taunted and is forced to face a side of herself she doesn’t like. Meanwhile, Emily clashes with a girl at Rosewood high who reminds her of a younger Alison. Aria and Holden grow closer as she confides in him about her relationship with Ezra and Jenna returns with information on Noel Kahn.

Episode 13 : Hold Your Piece

In order to play A.D’s game, one of the PLL’s has to make a personal sacrifice during their turn. Hanna is certain Jenna is responsible for stealing her dress idea and investigates. Meanwhile, Aria and Emily track down Sydney for questioning while Aria struggles with hers and Ezra’s current engagement. Spencer grows closer and closer to Detective Furey.

Episode 14 : Power Play

While the girls attempt to find Mary, they are surprised to discover who Charlotte’s Dad is. It’s Ali’s turn to play the game and she is forced to make a huge personal decision while coming to a realization about her unborn child. Emily continues to effectively work alongside both Ali and Paige at Rosewood high, leaving Paige to make a decision of her own. Aria continues to ponder the fate of hers and Ezra’s relationship. While searching for Mary Drake, Hanna and Spencer run into a familiar face who reveals a shocking secret.

Episode 1 : Tick-Tock, Bitches

In the seventh season premiere, it’s life or death for one of the PLLs. After Hanna’s kidnapping by “Uber A,” the PLLs and company desperately race against the clock to save one of their own — but the only way to do this is by handing over evidence of Charlotte’s real murderer to “Uber A.” In order to do so, the girls must decide what lines they are willing to cross, lines they have never breached before, because once they cross that line, there is no turning back.

Episode 2 : Bedlam

The PLLs worry Ali is being tortured by Uber-A, but aren’t allowed to visit her in the mental institution where she’s being held.  The girls try to rescuse Ali from the psychiatric hospital and make a deadly mistake that will change everything. Hanna is rescued from her kidnapper by Mary Drake. Spencer and Caleb face relationship issues when Hanna confesses her feelings about Caleb. Hanna breaks up with her fiance-to-be, Jordan. Meanwhile, Liam is assigned to work on Aria and Ezra’s book and once Aria ends the relationship with Liam he lashes out at Ezra.

Episode 3 : The Talented Mr. Rollins

The girls try to rescue Ali from the psychiatric hospital and in the process Emily works out that Elliot and Mary Drake are working together. Toby and Yvonne get engaged while Spencer questions her relationship with Caleb as she’s insecure and thinks he may still be in love with Hanna. Ending the episode, the girls make a deadly mistake that will change everything.

Episode 4: Hit and Run, Run, Run

The PLL’s have to cover up their tracks and in turn end up straining their relationships with their respective bed buddies by keeping them in the dark. Jenna arrives back to Rosewood and we find out that she knows Elliott, whose real name is revealed to be Archer Dunhill meaning he was not who he said he was.

Episode 5: Along Came Mary

Jenna returns to Rosewood, teams up with Sara and becomes the PLL’s number one suspect for Uber-A. Ali is released from custody into Mary’s care. Aria and Emily uncover a secret apartment belonging to none other than Archer. Ezra FINALLY proposes to Aria and the episode concludes with Noel Khan meeting up with Sara and Jenna.

Episode 6: Wanted: Dead or Alive

The police begin to unravel the PLL’s muder cover-up which makes the girls question whether the person they think they killed is in fact dead. Aria decides not to accept Ezra’s marriage proposal and in a shocking ending Sara is found dead in a bathtub whilst staying at The Radley.

Episode 7: Original G’A’ngsters

Jason returns to town to stop Ali from getting too close to Mary. The girls learn something new about Mrs. Dilaurentis and Mary that leads them to storm the cellar full of clues. Ezra and Aria decide to elope in Italy instead of having a huge wedding, however right before they leave Ezra receives a phone call from the FBI saying his ex Nicole may be alive!

Episode 8: Wanted: Exes and OMGs

Emily goes up for a position as the Rosewood High Swim coach, only to learn that ex-girlfriend Paige is also up for the job. Hanna is visited by Grunwald after she has a vision that the PLL’s are in danger. Alison returns to work but is shocked when the students play a morbid prank on her. Meanwhile, after not getting any help from the fellow liars, Hanna takes matters into her own hands in order to get answers.

Episode 9: The Wrath of Kahn

Hanna goes rogue to prove that Noel is AD while the others try to find evidence to back her theory and worry about her emotional state. Spencer and Emily make the shocking discovery that Noel and Charlotte were in fact working together torturing the girls in the Doll House. However, their proof is stolen when someone breaks into Spencer’s house and steals them. The episode ends with Hanna knocking out Noel, one hundred percent convinced he is A.D.

Episode 10: The Darkest Knight

All hell breaks loose in the crazy season finale. Alison announces she is pregnant with someone’s child who she assumes is her ex husbands. Emily confides in Alison and they share a kiss. Caleb and Hanna confess their feelings to one another and have a romantic reunion in front of a fire place while Aria finds out that Nicole is alive. Noel escapes and leads the girls to an abandoned school for the blind. Jenna appears armed with a gun and attempts to kill the liars, but this backfires when Noel accidentally kills himself by being decapitated by a battle axe. Someone who we later find out wasn’t Jenna shoots Spencer and Mary Drake reveals she is Spencer’s mother and the episode ends with Toby presumably dead from a car crash with Yvonne next to him.

Episode 1: Game On, Charles

Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Mona are trapped outside the Dollhouse where their masked tormentor, Charles, has been keeping them with nowhere to run. Angered by their attempted escape, Charles’ games take a more demented, darker turn. As the girls struggle to survive, Ezra, Caleb and Toby continue the fight to find the girls with or without the help of the Rosewood Police Department.

Episode 2: Songs of Innocence

The girls may have gotten out of the Dollhouse, but what happened to them during their time of captivity has lasting effects. With worried loved ones watching over them, the PLL’s are home and trying to heal without much success. Even with suspected tormentor Andrew in custody, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer fear they are far from safe. Meanwhile, Alison must deal with her past indiscretions and her notoriety around Rosewood.

Episode 3: Songs of Experience

The girls’ lives have been turned upside down by their captivity and each one of them is looking for answers to make sense of their ordeal. Aria focuses on Andrew by trying to figure out who this boy really is, while Emily tries to connect with a new friend. In true Spencer fashion, she is on a mission to get answers about Charles from Ali and Jason. Hanna wants to bring the four friends back together so they can move past what happened in the Dollhouse. Meanwhile, Alison is no longer the queen bee/mean girl she once was – but who is she now? A new friend tries to help her find the courage to start fresh and find the “new” Alison.

Episode 4: Don’t Look Now

After lying to Alison and Jason about Charles, Kenneth DiLaurentis comes clean about the family’s connection to the young boy. While he wont give much detail about Charles’ past, he says enough to give the girls a clue of where to look for the missing pieces: Radley Sanitarium. With Radley now closed and its files shipped off to be shredded, the girls must act fast before all traces of Charles’ past disappear. Meanwhile, Caleb’s protective nature starts to pinch Hanna, and Spencer seeks a remedy for her sleeping issues.

Episode 5: She’s No Angel

Mona returns to Rosewood in a very fragile state as she must answer to the police for faking her death. Matters only get worse when she is confronted about Lesli’s inadvertent involvement in Mona’s plot. Hanna is determined to help Mona out, not only to reassure her she is safe from Alison but also to try and repair Mona’s friendship with Lesli. Emily tries to help Sara with her troubled home life by encouraging her to explore the possibility of emancipation. Spencer, on the other hand, finds help from someone from her past. Meanwhile, Alison grows closer to Lorenzo as she looks for support outside of her family.

Episode 6: No Stone Unturned

With all signs pointing to Lesli as the tormentor in the hoodie, the PLLs are on a mission to get concrete proof before bringing their findings to the police. But as the girls ramp up their investigation, threats from A escalate. Meanwhile, a friend of Emily’s makes her a surprising offer, and Spencer is pressured by her family to make an important decision.

Episode 7: O Brother, Where Art Thou

Charles declares he is coming home for his birthday. Spencer and Hanna think it’s their chance to capture Charles, while Emily and Aria want to stay as far away as possible.

There are mixed emotions in the DiLaurentis household when Charles declares he is coming home for his birthday. Mr. DiLaurentis wants to quickly get out of town to hide Ali and Jason from their brother, while Jason sees this as an opportunity to finally validate all of the early childhood memories he has of Charlie. The PLLs are just as torn, with Spencer and Hanna thinking this is the best chance they have to capture Charles, while Emily and Aria want to stay as far from him as possible. Will Jason be reunited with his brother, or is this just another trap from A? Meanwhile, Mona is shutting out Mike and Hanna gets an un-welcomed surprise.

Episode 8: Framed

After their latest run-in with Charles, tensions are at an all-time high with the PLLs and the town of Rosewood. Aria’s big moment of seeing her work displayed in an art gallery is in jeopardy as Ella is determined to keep her safe at home. Hanna is still uncomfortable with the unexpected scholarship money and is determined to give it back, even if that means ruining her chances at going to her school of choice. To top it all off, due to security issues, Rosewood High is considering not letting the PLLs attend prom – the one normal high school rite of passage the girls are looking forward to. Meanwhile, the more Alison learns about her brother, the harder she finds it to connect a deranged murderer to the young blonde-haired boy she sees in the photos and in her memories.

Episode 9: Last Dance

It is prom time at Rosewood High – except for Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, who have been banned due to security concerns. As the girls take this as the final humiliating blow to their high school careers, the girls’ mothers try to make the best of a bad situation by offering a prom at home in Spencer’s barn. At first reluctant, the PLLs agree and try to make the best out of a bad situation. But Charles – who has never been one to miss a formal – has other plans in store to make this a night the girls will never forget. Meanwhile, Veronica, Pam, Ella and Ashley use prom night to touch base on everything that has happened to their daughters.

Episode 10: Game Over, Charles

Who killed Toby’s mother? Who hit Alison in the head with the rock the night she went missing? Who is Red Coat? Who killed Bethany? Who is the Black Widow? Why has A been targeting the PLLs all this time? After years of torture and endless questions, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally come face to face with their tormentor and learn the story of how and why they became A.

Episode 11: Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

After years of being tormented and numerous shocking revelations, the Liars finally uncovered the true identity of ‘A.’ It’s now five years later, and that means a new look, new secrets and new lies. The girls are not the same people they were when they left Rosewood. They’ve pursued their own paths and adjusted to a life without ‘A,’ so how will they cope when something happens in Rosewood that forces them to go back to where it all started? Torn between their old habits and their new lives, the Liars must stay in town and join forces, as relationships are once again put to the test and new secrets are revealed.

Episode 12: Charlotte’s Web

Questions about the new mystery surface as the girls are forced to stay in Rosewood. A restless Aria starts to look suspicious as she heads back to Boston a little too quickly. But could Aria really be the one behind this? As Spencer, Emily and Hanna find themselves back in familiar territory, they aren’t happy to be going about solving this puzzle “the old way.” Meanwhile, Emily continues to lie about her life in California and Alison keeps a close eye on her friends.

Episode 13: The Gloves Are On

Panic sets in for the Liars as the investigation turns to Radley. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer find themselves back in familiar territory with the Rosewood Police Department knocking at their doors looking for answers, and their actions now affecting the loved ones around them. With her mother’s job on the line, Hanna tries to come up with an alibi that could save all four of them with the help of her old high school friend, Lucas. Meanwhile, Emily comes clean about the last five years, and Aria goes the extra mile to keep Ezra’s second book in play with her boss.

Episode 14: New Guys, New Lies

With the Rosewood Police Department breathing down Hanna’s neck about the Radley security footage, she opts to confess the truth to those closest to her in hopes they can help. Aria continues to search for answers, with help from Emily, on whether Ezra is as guilty as he seems. Spencer works together with Caleb to track down the new threat. Meanwhile, there is awkwardness all around when new love interests emerge and old ones resurface.

Episode 15: Do Not Disturb

Convinced that Sara Harvey is behind the new threats, the Liars work together to find evidence of Sara’s involvement before they go to the cops. Caleb puts together a plan with Hanna to fight back against the new stalker by using the security footage tapes. Meanwhile, Aria gets unexpected news from her family, and Ali comforts Emily in her time of need.

Episode 16: Where Somebode Waits For Me

While new discoveries are made in the investigation of Charlotte’s murder, the truth begins to emerge about the Liars’ personal lives. Spencer is concerned to learn her mother is keeping a secret of her own. Aria confesses to Liam how deeply she’s involved with Ezra’s book. Ali admits that she and Elliott are more than just friends. Mona reveals where her true allegiances lie, and Caleb, Spencer and Hanna deal with the complications of new relationships. Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna each receive shocking threats that elevate the seriousness of the situation.

Episode 1: EscApe From New York

In the season five premiere, which takes place in the moments following the shocking season four finale, Aria and the Liars are reeling from Ezra’s shooting at the hands of “A.” The five girls quickly realize that as the one person who knows “A’s” identity, Ezra is in grave danger. While Aria stands watch over Ezra at the hospital, Alison and the other girls lay a trap to finally flush out “A,” but are shocked by who is ensnared. Meanwhile, Detective Holbrook steps up his efforts to find the girls and puts the Hastings family on alert. And as news of Alison’s “resurrection” spreads – that she is truly alive and returning to Rosewood – Mona Vanderwaal is not pleased.

Episode 2: Whirly Girly

Back in Rosewood with the events of New York behind them, the Liars feel unsettled to still be living under a cloud of secrets. Aria is haunted by the recent past events, while Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to wrap their head around the new normal. Alison, on the other hand, is still sleeping with one eye open as she is forced to stay at home with her family – who she doesn’t trust. Meanwhile, Jason’s odd behavior and Kenneth DiLaurentis’ search for Jessica starts to raise eyebrows about her disappearance.

Episode 3: Surfing The Aftershocks

Now being forced to live through Ali’s latest lie, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to cover their tracks, while simultaneously trying to piece together what happened in New York. Hanna and Aria have to close loose ends with the two people who know the truth about Ali’s story, Mona and Ezra. Spencer and Emily try to find out the truth about Jason and his whereabouts the night they were in New York. Meanwhile, now that Ali is back, Hanna starts to examine who she really is: Hefty Hanna or Queen Bee Hanna.

Episode 4: Thrown From The Ride

With Alison now back in Rosewood, she attempts to regain the role of leader of the group, but she finds her four friends are not as willing to blindly follow her every whim as they once were. Besides feeling the pressure from Ali, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are also feeling under the microscope at school as the high school focuses their attention on the Liars. While most kids are morbidly curious about what happened to Ali, some are more focused on planning for Ali’s return to school. Meanwhile, Aria’s depression continues to spiral, and she looks for comfort from an unlikely source.

Episode 5: Miss Me X 100

The day has finally arrived: It’s Alison’s first day back at Rosewood High and neither the Liars nor Alison are really ready for it. Determined to put on a brave face, Alison also hopes to help heal the damage she did years ago. But are apologies enough for those who Alison has hurt in the past? Not if Mona and her army have anything to say about it. Meanwhile, Caleb and an old foe return to Rosewood.

Episode 6: Run, Ali, Run

With the town of Rosewood trying to get back to normal, the PLLs – especially Ali – are far from okay after the latest “accident.” Alison is especially spooked and thinking that it wasn’t the right decision to come home after all, she starts to consider leaving for good. But Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are determined to keep her safe in Rosewood and to figure out who and what is behind this latest incident. Meanwhile, Caleb also starts second-guessing his return, and Ezra dives into his research to help find answers.

Episode 7: The Silence Of E. Lamb

Aria begins her volunteer work at Radley and quickly gets down to business finding any answers she can about a patient who is of interest to the Liars. But she quickly hits a snag when she comes across an aggressive patient that may be the key to what the Liars are looking for. Also searching for answers, Spencer takes a note from Ezra’s playbook by borrowing some of his spy equipment to keep a closer eye on the home front. Meanwhile, Hanna is caught at odds when Ali and Caleb butt heads, and Emily seeks help from her friends when her mom invites Ali over for dinner.

Episode 8: Scream For Me

Hanna’s insecurities and current situation continue to plague her when Alison moves into the Marin house while her Dad is out of town. Now forced to live with Alison – the one person she is trying to avoid – Hanna retreats further into abusing alcohol and ends up in a sticky situation.  Meanwhile, Aria drops the ball on her maid of honor duties when Ella returns to town to plan her wedding and Spencer and Emily pursue a dangerous lead, trying to solve the mystery of the dead girl in Alison’s grave.

Episode 9: March Of Crimes

Hanna continues down her boozy path, with the help of Caleb, but her friends can no longer stand by and watch Hanna self-destruct. After her last encounter with Hanna, Aria starts to take note of Zack and wonders if Hanna – while drunk – was telling her the truth. Meanwhile, Emily tries to find information linking Alison to Noel and Spencer makes a surprising discovery at the eye doctor.

Episode 10: A Dark Ali

The pressure is on for Alison to identify the man police have in custody for her kidnapping, but the Liars know if she does it would be sending an innocent man to prison and possibly walking right into an “A” trap. With Emily trying to convince Ali not to play into “A’s” hand, Spencer comes up with a plan B, in case Ali decides to make the wrong decision. Meanwhile, fed up with all of the Ali drama, Hanna tries to lead a “normal” teenage life.

Episode 11: No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me

Melissa finally tells Spencer what she knows regarding the night Ali disappeared. But what is Spencer supposed to do with the knowledge? Knowing something is off about Alison’s story, Emily is on the hunt for answers of her own. She enlists Ezra’s help in finding out more about Cyrus and his past connection to Alison. Meanwhile, Hanna asks Spencer and Toby for help with Caleb’s drinking problem.

Episode 12: Taking This One To The Grave

With Alison leading them down a dangerous path and “A” barring them from telling the police the truth, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer feel trapped and are desperate to find a way out of this mess. But could the girls lose everything by putting their faith in a possibly untrustworthy ally? Meanwhile, Alison begins to build up her own army now that the PLLs have turned their back on her.

Episode 13: We Love You To DeAth

In this special episode, Pretty Little Liars stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse sit down to answer fans’ burning questions about the show, while Tyler Blackburn, Ian Harding, Janel Parrish, Keegan Allen and crew members sit down to give a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes workings of the show. Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween if it didn’t include some victims of “A” in a “Dearly Departed”-themed segment with interviews from those who met a deadly end, such as guest stars Bianca Lawson, Ryan Merriman and Bryce Johnson.

Episode 14: How The A Stole Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching, and all of Rosewood is full of merriment-except for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, who aren’t feeling much holiday cheer after the loss of Mona and Spencer’s murder charge looming over them. But when an opportunity presents itself with the chance to get evidence to clear Spencer’s name, the girls and their partners devise a plan to get justice for Mona and finally bring Alison down. If the plan is successful, it could be a very merry Christmas after all. Meanwhile, Alison gets a glimpse at the past, present and future by a ghostly presence.

Episode 15: Through A Glass, Darkly

Three months have passed, and Mona’s friends and family are still mourning their loss and more adamant than ever that Alison had something to do with Mona’s death. Ready to put “A’s” game to an end and get justice for Mona, the PLLs ramp up their search for evidence that could prove Alison killed Mona. But with Alison claiming her innocence and having a seemingly airtight alibi, the Liars may have to resort to more shady tactics to put Ali away. Meanwhile, Emily and Paige (recurring guest star LINDSEY SHAW) reach a crossroads in their relationship, and Aria starts to worry about her future.

Episode 16: Fresh Meat

Toby’s new position in the Rosewood police department was to give the PLLs an upper hand on finally closing the door to Ali/”A’s” game. But when a surprising bit of evidence appears, Toby is put in a difficult position with his job and with Spencer. Not one to trust the police or evidence “surprisingly” showing up, Spencer tries to convince Toby to stray from his moral gut reaction, which puts stress on their relationship. Meanwhile, Emily and Aria take drastic measures to keep control of situations that are out of their hands and could affect their future.

Episode 17: Over A Barrel

Secrets are hard to keep, especially when you are keeping them from a loved one. Spencer searches for Mona’s missing laptop with Caleb’s help, but where the search leads them could cross the “Toby approved” line. Aria tries to get up the courage to come clean to Ezra about her lie when she gets diverted by a possible goose chase. And Hanna is stuck in the middle having to cover Ashley’s secret when Pastor Ted returns with big news. Meanwhile, Emily has to put up with Talia’s annoying suggestions at work, as she struggles to come to terms with the end of her relationship with Paige.

Episode 18: The Bin Of Sin

Suspecting that Alison/”A” is out to frame her for Mona’s murder, Hanna is not willing to just sit by and let it happen. Caleb and Hanna’s friends try to come up with a safe plan to get her off the hook, but it isn’t good enough for Hanna and, taking her fate into her own hands, she strikes out alone to clear her name. Meanwhile, relationships are tested when Aria comes clean to Ezra and Spencer’s shady actions continue to put Toby in a bind at work.

Episode 19: Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer have been burned before by newcomers to Rosewood, so it’s no surprise they are wary when someone new crosses their path. Spencer lets down her guard a bit as she spends more time with Jonny, and Emily continues to try and figure out Talia as she keeps getting mixed signals from her co-workers. When Mona’s friend Lesli shows up in town, Hanna is tasked with finding out her back story to determine if Lesli is really who she says she is. Are the girls wise to keep an eye on everyone, or can they allow a bit of comfort room without worrying about an “A” trap? Meanwhile, Aria becomes concerned about Mike’s recent behavior and Holbrook returns to town.

Episode 20: Out, Damned Spot

It’s that time of year when senior high school students focus on their future college careers and feel the intense pressures that come along with it, and Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are no different. Aria’s acceptance to college is contingent on her grades, so she needs to buckle down to improve them, and looks to Andrew for some tutoring help. Also having anxiety about her college acceptance, Spencer decides to take a break and help Jonny with a new project. Hanna is doing just fine on her college acceptances, but when she finds out that she has been turned down for financial aid, she turns to her dad to help. Meanwhile, Aria and the girls try to keep tabs on Mike after their concerns increase following an incident at the school blood drive.

Episode 21: Pretty Isn’t The Point

Determined to get college tuition money without the help of others, Hanna pushes forward with her quest to win the local beauty pageant and hires a pageant coach to ensure her win. Quickly learning that you have to be more than a pretty face to win the grand prize, Hanna turns to Emily for help. Also needing a little help, Aria asks Andrew to help keep tabs on Mike, whose increasingly suspicious behavior suggests a chilling connection to Mona’s death. What Aria ultimately discovers makes her blood run cold. Meanwhile, Spencer decides to help Jonny on a less than legal adventure.

Episode 22: Bloody Hell

Equipped with their new information about Mona, the Liars decide they need to speak to Alison. But once the truth is out there, Aria quickly learns that Mike’s involvement with Mona and this new revelation could have serious repercussions for her family. Determined to keep Mike safe and get Ali out of jail, the Liars intensify their search for information on “A.” Meanwhile, Spencer heads to London for an important college interview, and Alison looks to someone surprising for help with her murder trial.

Episode 23: To Plea Or Not To Plea

Aria, Emily and Hanna keep looking for a way to prove Ali’s innocence without incriminating Mike. But when the District Attorney proposes a plea bargain agreement for Ali that includes naming one of the PLLs as her accomplice, the girls intensify their search — not only to save Ali, but to save themselves. Will Ali stick by her story of innocence or will she give up one of the PLLs to save her own skin? Meanwhile, not knowing what is happening back in Rosewood, Spencer gets a much-needed break from all the drama with a night out on the town in London.

Episode 24: The Melody Lingers On

As Alison’s trial begins, the once-confident Queen Bee is no longer certain of her fate as testimony reveals not only her lies, but the lies of those close to her. Meanwhile, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Caleb search for information to clear the imprisoned Hanna, following a string of clues that might have been left by Mona, or possibly planted by “A.”

Episode 25: I’m A Good Girl, I Am

Alison’s trial is coming to a close and the outcome looks even more bleak when the prosecution calls a surprise witness that not only paints Alison in a bad light, but also the PLLs and Mike. Desperate to find any evidence or witness to save their friends, Aria, Emily and Spencer race to find someone or something that can prove Ali’s innocence and put an end to this nightmare. Meanwhile, Mike becomes a target of “A” when it looks like he might be called to testify and Ezra and Caleb have differing opinions on what he should do.

Episode 26: Welcome To The Dollhouse

“A” has always had fun playing with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but now “they” have the biggest game to date in store for the girls. As shocking secrets come to light and the biggest clue to the “A” mystery is revealed, is this one plAydate the Liars can survive? It’s the beginning of all the answers with the biggest “A” reveal ever in the explosive season finale.