Family Guy Trivia Questions

Family Guy Trivia Questions

See how well you know Family Guy and which one of your friends and family is the trivia champion!

1/What is the name of Stewie’s teddy bear?

2/What does Quagmire do for work?

3/Where was Peter born?

4/What is the name of Peter’s dad?

5/What is the name of Peter’s biological father?

6/Where do the Griffins live?

7/How old is Brian?

8/What is the name of Brian’s mum?

9/What is Lois’ maiden name?

10/What lives in Chris’ closet?

11/What school do Meg and Chris go to?

12/What is the name of Peter’s doctor?

13/Who does peter frequently fight?

14/Where is Joe’s wife’s name?

15/How old is Peter?

16/Where did Lois and Peter meet?

17/What is Lois’ brothers’ name?

18/Which celebrity steals Peters’ identity?

19/Which NFL team did Peter play for?

20/What beer do Peter and the guys drink?

21/Fill in the blank. “Who’s leg do you have to hump to get _______ around here?”

22/What plan does Stewie give up on in the later seasons of Family Guy?

23/What street to the Griffins live on?

24/How old is Quagmire?

25/What does Brian do when he joins the police force?

Check back after the Animation Royale (Wednesday June 15) for answers!