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Why Drink Water?

You keep it in the bottle next to your desk and tote it with you to the gym. It’s cool and refreshing, but common and old-school. You probably don’t think much about water. And although it’s not a flavorful sports drink or a trendy beverage like coconut water, H20 still packs a little punch of magic….Read more

8 Healthy Snack Ideas for Movie Night

Hot summer days call for cooling off with the latest blockbuster in a dark theater or on your living room couch. Unfortunately, typical concession stand fare tends to be filled with some of the worst offenders when it comes to ultra-processed foods: sugary drinks, neon candy, and “buttery flavor” topping. Not-so-fun facts: A large buttered popcorn can…Read more

What Alcohol Really Does to Your Sleep Cycle

Whether you love a glass of wine, a frosty mug of beer, or a mixologist-made cocktail, you know that one side effect of alcohol is feeling sleepy. “Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant so it slows the system and leads to sedation,” explains FitBit Sleep Advisor Allison T. Siebern, PhD, consulting assistant professor at…Read more

Gold Medal Nutrition: 5 Foods Athletes Love

You may not be a world-class competitor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat like one to help you nail your health and fitness goals! For elite athletes, food is a critical part of being able to push their bodies to the limit—slicing milliseconds off world records, snatching that extra kilo, and keeping absolute mental…Read more

The Top 8 Metabolism Myths Busted

Trainers, friends, and nutrition know-it-alls love to tell you that this ingredient will boost your metabolism, or that habit will slow it down. But is there any truth to these metabolism myths? Let’s get a bit science-y first. You’ve heard of the energy balance equation: “energy in” versus “energy out,” right? The calories you eat…Read more