Futurama Trivia Questions

Futurama Trivia Questions

See how well you know Futurama and which one of your friends and family is the trivia champion!

1/Who is the first main character fry meets?

2/What is the name of the amusement park on the moon?

3/What relationship does Fry have with Professer Farnsworth?

4/What does Bender run off?

5/Where do Amy’s parents live?

6/What is the name of the space captain?

7/What did Hermes go to the Olympics for?

8/What is the name of Leela’s pet?

9/What was Fry’s job in the past?

10/Who was Professor Farnsworth’s great love?

11/What is the name of the Janitor?

12/Where do Fry, Leela and Bender work?

13/What species is Leela?

14/What is the evil alien who frequently occurs’ name?

15/Who does Amy have children with?

16/What is Bender’s main objective?

17/What is Bender’s favourite TV Show?

18/What are Mom’s son’s names?

19/Where do Leela’s parents live?

20/What is the name of the alien news reporter?

21/What is the name of Fry’s girlfriend from the past?

22/What happens to Fry’s dog?

23/What species is Zoidberg?

24/Who is Bender’s TV Star hero?

25/Who is Bender’s rival?

Check back after the Animation Royale (Wednesday June 15) for answers!