How did we get to the Top 15?

15 players. 1 AFL contract. But what does it actually take to get into the Top 15 of The Recruit? A lot of hard work! Mick Malthouse explains it perfectly, it’s all about meeting the AFL standards and it all starts at The Recruit Trials. The Recruit Executives traveled the width and breadth of Australia to find these lads and…Read more

The Recruit Guests Confirmed!

Shane Warne, Stephanie Rice, Cathy Freeman and Ian Thorpe are just a few of the big names appearing on THE RECRUIT! Season two premieres Wednesday, July 20 at 8.30pm on FOX8. Watch below for your sneak peek! With just a week to go until the launch of THE RECRUIT, Foxtel has confirmed the massive line-up of Australian…Read more

The Healthy Eating Pyramid

Healthy living is all about a good balance between eating well and exercising. The Recruit which starts on July 20 is going to provide some serious Fitspo (Fitness Inspiration) so at FOX8 we decided to pair this with some tips on eating healthy to inspire you to kick start better grocery shopping practices to promote a healthier you!…Read more

Restless Sleep Isn’t Always Bad (But Here’s When It’s a Problem)

You’re a restless sleeper. You roll over. You change positions. You wake up briefly. Take a look at your personal sleep data on Fitbit, and you’ll likely notice several periods of restlessness during the night. While it probably sounds like restless nights would lead to tired days, it’s actually perfectly normal to have somewhat restless…Read more

Mick Malthouse Words of Wisdom

To get to the top nothing is easy! It’s all about how far you’re willing to push yourself! Great AFL players are made up of TALENT! To be a Champion you need AMBITION. Ambition to be there at the end! Willing to go another INCH! In Life you’re going to face obstacles and get knock downs,…Read more

The Flash 5 Things We Want To See In Season 3

1/Barry and Iris finally get together! There has been ups and downs and such very close calls but nothing seems to work out for this great love story. Could season 3 finally be the time where things go their way? After Barrys actions at the end of season 3, probably not, but we can still hope….Read more

The Scoop on Salt

Sodium is an essential nutrient—your body uses it to control blood pressure and blood volume, and muscles and nerves need it to work properly—and your body craves salt for survival. (Scientists think our taste for salt may have something to do with the evolution of animals from sea to land.) But in a modern world…Read more

What we know about Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Pretty Little Liars is on it’s way back to FOX8 and you’re going to want to see the promo for Season 7! What we’ve found out so far from it is: “AD” Gives the Liars and co 24 hours… we suspect to #SaveHanna There’s a whole lot of screaming from Ali! Hanna’s still missing. Dr Rollins has a…Read more

Ten Times Lucy Hale gave us wardrobe envy!

1. With her retro threads. Yesterday I time warped for a little while ✨?? fabulous hair bump by @davestanwell –winged liner and pale lip (and photo) courtesy of @kdeenihan — retro threads by my girls at @rachelzoestudio A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on Mar 25, 2016 at 1:29pm PDT 2. Every time she’s ever…Read more

The Recruit Explained

The Recruit is set to return to our TV screens on July 20, 2016 but if you didn’t catch Season 1 on FOX8 then here’s 5 things that you need to know to prepare yourself for Season 2! THE RECRUIT is a reality football entertainment show that will give one player a guaranteed place on an AFL team. The series…Read more

Questions we want answered from Pretty Little Liars S7!

The Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars made most of our hearts skips a beat! It was an emotional roller coaster with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. There’s quite a few questions we have for the Pretty Little Liars, some of the questions we NEED answered.. like NOW! Q. Will #Ezria just…Read more

AFL Ladder: Who’s Tipped To Win?

Things are getting competitive on the field of the Toyota AFL Premiership 2016. Is it too early to tip who’s likely to WIN? Embed from Getty Images Pictured here is the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Hawthorn premiership flags displayed during the round four AFL match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the St Kilda Saints at Aurora Stadium…Read more

The Recruit Season 2: Press Release

Media Release: Thursday June 8, 2016 Foxtel announces the 15 players competing for an AFL contract in  THE RECRUIT Season 2 premieres Wednesday July 20 on FOX8 The 15 players who will be battling it out for the opportunity of a lifetime in FOX8’s hit sports reality series THE RECRUIT have been announced ahead of the series launch next…Read more

5 Tips to Nail Your Step Goal and Still Be a Star at Work

My job revolves around eating right and staying fit, but I know that for most people, making time for work and well-being is often a balancing act. Treating your body well is often the first thing to fall by the wayside when the pressure is on at the office, but prioritizing sleep, healthy eating, activity…Read more

Really Good Reasons Sugar Is Bad for You

You’ve definitely heard it before—too much sugar isn’t good for you. 1. SUGAR IS CALORIE RICH, NUTRIENT POOR Sugar provides pure calories and is completely lacking other essential nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Sugary drinks and foods generally don’t fare much better, and they take up room in your diet that could otherwise…Read more

Vote For Your AFL Team!

With The Recruit Season 2 around the corner, we want to know more about the fans! Vote for your AFL Team below and see which team has the biggest fans! Click here to read more about the recruit!

Animation Royale Competition Terms And Conditions

ANIMATION WEEKEND COMPETITION TERMS & CONDITIONS DEFINITIONS 1.      The following definitions apply to these Terms and Conditions: a)     “Closing Date” means 23:59hrs on Monday 13 June, 2016. b)     “Commencement Date” means 09:00hrs on Saturday 11 June, 2016. c)     “Draw Date” means 10:00hrs on Wednesday 15 June, 2016. d)     “Entrant” means a person who enters the Promotion. e)     “Facebook…Read more

Where did we leave the Liars in Season 6?

We can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars to return to our screens for Season 7! So where exactly did we leave off? Here’s a little 4 minute reminder: And the highlights: The Liars got together and decided not to let Uber A stand in their way! Hanna used herself as bait but we’re not quite too…Read more

Check out the tune from the June promo

We have had many many questions about the backing track for our June monthly promo. In the promo we catch a glimpse of all the awesome things that are coming to FOX8 in the coming months. We have awesome new episodes of: Reign Vice Empire Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Kevin From Work America’s Got Talent So…Read more

AFL for Dummies!

Not an AFL fan already? We’ve got you covered. AFL stands for Australian Football League. Embed from Getty Images Games are divided into four quarters of 20 minutes, plus extra time. The first written rules of The Game were written in May of 1958. Click here to see the original documents! The object of the game…Read more