The Recruit Slang

The Recruit returns in 2016 to FOX8, and we want to prepare you for the start of the series by taking you through The Recruit slang. The Recruit(s):  Used instead of the word ‘player’ or ‘footballer’. Weekend Warrior: The term for footballers who toil away every weekend in the local/country leagues. Weakest Three: The three Recruits…Read more

Futurama Trivia Questions

See how well you know Futurama and which one of your friends and family is the trivia champion! 1/Who is the first main character fry meets? 2/What is the name of the amusement park on the moon? 3/What relationship does Fry have with Professer Farnsworth? 4/What does Bender run off? 5/Where do Amy’s parents live?…Read more

Family Guy Trivia Questions

See how well you know Family Guy and which one of your friends and family is the trivia champion! 1/What is the name of Stewie’s teddy bear? 2/What does Quagmire do for work? 3/Where was Peter born? 4/What is the name of Peter’s dad? 5/What is the name of Peter’s biological father? 6/Where do the Griffins…Read more

Animations Hub Trivia

A place to test your skills and knowledge about FOX8’s animation shows, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama and American Dad.

Super DC Crossover Event

Since the announcement of Supergirl moving to the CW Network, there has been a lot of speculation on whether we will see her join forces with the likes of Arrow or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow like we saw her team up with The Flash towards the end of Supergirl‘s premiere season. Super DC Crossover Event has…Read more

What does it take to be an AFL player?

We’re gearing up for The Recruit Season 2 here at FOX8 and it’s not going to be all fun and games for our Recruits. Being an AFL player takes discipline, commitment, resilience and hard work. Here’s what it really takes to be an AFL player. This means that players are working out for 35 hours per week in…Read more

Mick Malthouse Career Coaching Record

Mick Malthouse who is now considered one of the all-time masters of the AFL game, has signed on as Head Coach for the second season of FOX8’s The Recruit and he’s a perfect fit to coach The 2016 Recruits given his impressive coaching record!   Micks job on the show is to lead, motivate, teach and mentor the young…Read more

The Recruit Season 1 Special Guest Michael Clarke

Season 1 of The Recruit brought with it a stack of Special Guests and our FOX8 Favorite guest was no other than Cricket champion Michael Clarke. The Recruits traveled to Essendon Football Club’s state of the art training facilities, The Hanger to meet Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke. Michael Clarke had one on one chat with each of…Read more

The Recruit – Drop Zone

Could you imagine jumping from a helicopter, upturning a boat and rowing yourself to shore? Well if you wanted to be The Recruit back in Season 1, you had to! The only ones with a smile on their face around challenge time were the exects who dished out a team challenge to the boys quite frequently…Read more

The Recruit’s First Ever Challenge

Do you remember Season 1 of The Recruit that aired on FOX8 in 2014? Well Season 2 is returning in 2016 and here’s a little reminder of where it all started… In the very first episode the Top 50 footballers arrived at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne to compete on The Recruit – and for the grand prize of an AFL…Read more

Mick Malthouse Career Games Played Record

Brand new star coach for The Recruit, Mick Malthouse has had plenty of experience within the AFL community. Not only does he have an impressive career coaching record but back in the day, he was a star player himself. Starting his career when he was playing over 170 games with different first grade AFL teams. Mick started his career…Read more

Going the Distance: Build into Long Runs

Until a few years ago, I had always thought of myself as a wanna-be sprinter. I loved the shorter distances, and if you had to pin me down I would probably say my favorite event was a road mile: Four minutes of sheer adrenaline and lactic acid! I thought I would be one of those…Read more

Reign – The best quotes of Season 3

“Why do you dismiss me? Because I’m a woman? I have a mind of my own.” – Catherine “I don’t give my heart or give up easily.” – Mary “Choose because of what you think, not what others might.” – Martin “There is always risk. At least when you love someone it’s worth taking.” –…Read more

Reign Season 3 – Where did we leave off?

Reign returns from a mid season break to FOX8 with a Double Premiere on Tuesday 7.30pm from May 24th. Here’s a quick recap of where we left off! In the last episode before the break, Mary struggled to resist her feelings for Gideon as she worked to align herself politically with potential allies. Elizabeth and Greer found themselves…Read more

Teen Wolf Star Dylan O’brien Injured On Set

Have you heard the goss? Apparently Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) has been injured on set of his new block buster film ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’, the third film in the ‘Maze Runner’ movie franchise. What we have heard is that due to his injuries, which he acquired while filming his own…Read more

Fit a Workout Into a Lunch Break

Hoping to get a workout in but can’t find the time to do it? Working out during your lunch break could be just the solve you need. Here are some tips to help you efficiently manage your time, plus a step-by-step plan for fitting it in—after all, every minute counts. The key to slipping a…Read more

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Walk to a Workout

It’s no secret walking is the perfect exercise. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and your risk of injury is almost nil. Not only does walking help control your weight, but it’s recognized by the American Heart Association as a way to lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol levels, and increase your energy. It’s…Read more

Cleaning Could Help You Lose Weight

It seems your diet isn’t the only thing in your life you should consider cleaning if your goal is to drop a few pounds. Research suggests tidying up around the house can have a big impact on your success. “Often your environment determines whether or not you will make a healthy choice,” says Steven Ledbetter,…Read more

10 Ways to Tell Your Snacks Who’s Boss

When it comes to snacking, I can’t tell you how often I have heard from clients, “Everything is fine until late afternoon,” or “I’m a different person after dinner.” At these times of day nutrition knowledge is irrelevant. Willpower is not enough; you need to have a plan in place, because planning supersedes willpower. Once you conquer…Read more

Mick Malthouse signs on for The Recruit

AFL’s record-breaking coach Mick Malthouse signs on for THE RECRUIT Season two to premiere in 2016 on FOX8 Foxtel announced today one of the all-time masters of AFL football, Mick Malthouse, has signed on as Coach of the highly anticipated second season of FOX8’s AFL football competition series – THE RECRUIT. Mick Malthouse had an impressive AFL career…Read more