First On FOX8 In February!

THE HOTTEST NEW US SHOWS This February, FOX8 will be the exclusive home for the hottest new shows from the US: crime drama series APB, hit comedy series, The Mick and the biggest music awards show on earth, The Grammy Awards. APB, the new crime drama starring Australia’s own Daniel Macpherson, will premiere on Thursday, February…Read more

The Dominators Are Coming

The long awaited DC Crossover event kicks off at the end of Supergirl’s episode where we see Kara being recruited be her old friend Barry Allen to help stop an alien invasion! When aliens called the Dominators attack Central City, Barry speeds over to Star City to ask the Green Arrow for help in stopping…Read more

Catch Ups With Jordan

Jordan Simek was eliminated after makeover week where her biker shot didn’t quite meet the brief, leaving her just half a point short.  She left with high spirits, making it to the top 10 with an ambassador position under her belt. Jordan scored the top spot in the week 2 Colgate challenge and became the face for Colgate Optic White…Read more

Wondering what Vitoria is up to?

Extreme model week brought with it a lot of pressure and to add, the week came a shock double elimination! Vitoria gracefully plunged into the pool for the challenge, and turned the heat up to the max in the photo shoot, but sadly lost by half a point to Kassidy, meaning Vitoria had to leave the competition. We were…Read more

Chia Seed Pudding with Mango & Coconut

Chia seeds offer fiber, protein, and healthy fats, and have an amazing, tapioca-like texture when soaked. Coconut milk, dates, and vanilla bean make this creamy pudding satisfyingly sweet without refined sugar. Top with mango and coconut and dig in for breakfast or dessert. INGREDIENTS 4 Medjool dates, pitted 1½ cup (12 fl oz/375 ml) boiling water ½ cup…Read more

Look who’s back!

On Tuesday we crown our Season 10 winner of Australia’s Next Top Model! Our top 2,  Aleyna and Sabine will arrive at the finale location and will be joined on the runway by this year’s top 11, as well as 40 models from all past 9 series.  Together, they will put on the biggest, most spectacular runway that Top Model…Read more

The Top 2’s Journey In Photos

From 13 down to 2, we are almost at the end of the tenth season of Australia’s Next Top Model! What a ROLLERCOASTER it has been for our top 2! Aleyna and Sabine were some of the youngest of the group at only 16 and 17 respectively when their journey began. Both girls were pretty shy to begin…Read more

Milan Photographer Stefania Paparelli

“Stefania Paparelli was born in Rome. After graduating high school and a long experience traveling and working through out Europe, first in the Uk and afterwards in France, she is now based in Sardinia, with her family, commuting between Sardinia and Paris. She works worldwide for magazines such as Crash, Elle (France), Elle (Italy), Glamour (France),…Read more

8 Signs You’re Hooked on Your Fitbit Tracker

Does your healthy obsession with nailing 10,000 steps a day consume you? You’re not alone. Here are eight common signs you’re hooked on your Fitbit tracker. 1. “10,000 steps! Nailed it.” When you feel compelled to announce you’ve hit your step goal. 2. 10 miles to the closest mall? Bring. It. On. When you start thinking everything is…Read more

We catch up with Daisy!

Daisy was shocked in Episode 9 when Jen revealed that there was a double elimination, and even though she received three 10s from the judges that wasn’t enough to keep Daisy in the competition. We were all sad to see her go but were super excited to catch up with the blonde bombshell! What??? I’m a good girl. A…Read more

Guess Who Is Twinning!

Our shy little quirky hippie girl from Byron has a pretty interesting fact about her…she is a twin! Sabine and her twin sister Nakisha both grew up on a self-sustained farm in Byron Bay and even though they lived the hippie life, it turns out they both have a knack for fashion and photography! Here are…Read more

Episode 9 Fashion – Models

Elimination:  Aleyna Stylestalker dress – Isabelle Quinn jacket – Nina Armando shoes – Sabine Sarafox & Co top – Third Form skirt – Nina Armando shoes – Daisy Model’s own outfit Nina Armando shoes – Linnea Kate Sylvester jacket – Model’s own top Paige jeans – Nina Armando shoes –

Who Do You Want To Win Season 10?

WOAH! The top model journey is reaching it’s close and for 11 girls, their experience is already over 🙁 We are now left with two incredibly talented young models, Aleyna and Sabine and in less than 1 weeks time they will find out which one of them will be Australia’s Next Top Model for the 10th season! It…Read more

Sabine’s Episode 9 Blog

Milan Milan… Words can’t describe the experience and how much gratitude I have towards going on the incredible and eye-opening adventure. It was definitely an experience, bursting with culture, learning and excitement. On the first day we arrived everyone was exhausted and extremely jet-lagged, but we managed to gather the energy to explore the cobbled…Read more

Aleyna’s Episode 9 Blog

Milan Milan was the most beautiful place. We only had a few days to really take it all in but wow even in those days we saw such breathtaking places. I have never been to Europe before so I didn’t have any idea what to expect. It is far, far away from Australia and it…Read more

Live And First On FOX8

THE 44th AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS LIVE and FIRST ON FOX8 Monday November 21 at 12.00pm The world’s biggest fan-voted music awards show, The 44th American Music Awards, will be broadcast live and first, on FOX8, Monday, November 21 at 12.00pm AEDT. This year’s star-studded music event, held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, will be hosted…Read more

9 Healthy Summer Snacks that Can Take the Heat

Fuel up for those outdoor adventures! Whether you’re hitting the trails, sending little guys off to soccer camp, or just hanging out in the park or by the pool, you’re definitely going to need a stash of awesome snacks. Here are nine healthy ideas that will hold up in the heat this summer. Food safety…Read more

Episode 8 Fashion – Models

Photoshoot: Daisy J’Aton Couture dress – Nerida Winter beret – Dinosaur Designs jewellery – Aleyna Alex Perry dress – Nerida Winter fedora – Dinosaur Designs jewellery – Kassidy Steven Khalil dress – Suzy O’Rourke cap – Moschino bag – Sabine Aurelio Costarella dress – Nerida Winter hat – Dinosaur Designs jewellery – Terry Biviano…Read more

Juice: A Drinker’s Guide to the Good, the Bad & the Healthy

Juice recently lost its health halo, when it turned out to be just as sugary as soda, but it’s still hard to completely write off the fruity liquid as unhealthy. If you’d like to be able to have your fruit and drink it too, here’s the lowdown on the good, the bad and the healthy…Read more

Linnea’s Episode 8 Blog

Extreme Styling Shoot The morning of the photo shoot was filled with stress and excitement the same old miss of emotions as any morning in this competition. Obviously I felt the pressure I put on my own shoulders from being at the bottom of the leader board due to my bad result at the Mazda…Read more