Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 4 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 4 Recap


BOY was this an episode of reveals. Oh, and SOMEHOW we got more answers that only just made for more questions. This is my cry for help i’m in too DEEP HELP.

Ezra Returns

Ezra is finally back and so is Nicole who is struggling to cope with Ezra being off the market and engaged again to Aria. Talk about a tough break, one minute you’re kidnapped and held captive in the jungle for two years, the next you’re home and your fiancé is back with his ex-girlfriend and engaged to be married with her. Yiiikes. Ezra pretty much ghosted Aria by this point and they’re acting awkward but all is normal. Nicole crashes in Aria’s bed and Aria goes to sleep at Alison’s instead of her parents place. “They don’t understand the whole Nicole situation.” She says. NEITHER DOES ANYONE.


Marco the Mysterious

Marco and Spencer wake up in bed together and he receives a mysterious phone call before saying he has to go back to work to continue on a case and cannot talk about it. Shady af. Are my recaps turning into case files against Marco? Yes. Yes they are. Is something as simple as him refusing to talk about confidential information making me suspicious? Yes. Yes it is. Also, it’s important to note that Marco was sound asleep while the game was taken by A.D out of Spencer’s Barn and moved to Alison’s house. Marco the greatest cop in the world, everybody. (That bod though)


Opening a new Paige.

Paige gets an incredible job opportunity as an assistant coach in Iowa. it’s pretty much her dream job and we’re under the impression she’s going to take it. However, she declines the offer and wants to stay in Rosewood. Emily and her share a sweet kiss but this love triangle with Alison only got a lot more complicated. Important note: Emily says, “Rosewood isn’t all that bad you know.” I’d hope if I was ever put in life threatening situations almost daily I would say the same about my hometown. Paige also finds Alison’s abortion appointment on a card and Alison snatches it away.


Mr Hastings

Peter Hastings is back in Rosewood with a private investigator in tow looking for Mary Drake. Between the Police, Spencer and now Mr Hastings – the woman is proving to be harder to find than Wally in a Where’s Wally book. He tells Spencer she will always be their daughter and that he will never stop protecting her.


Ooooh Child Things Are Gonna Get Easierrrr

So I was right, HUZZAH. Turns out Alison is in fact pregnant from Emily’s stolen donated eggs. Alison had an appointment to terminate the pregnancy but cancelled it after finding out and telling Emily the baby is hers. Alison finds this out while it’s her turn in the game and is forced to register ten baby items at the store. The shop lady reveals a necklace had been personalised for Alison and has the name Emily on it, which triggers a memory within Alison of the insemination procedure that confirms this. Emily is extremely upset, naturally. Especially after she just kinda got back with Paige. Also, who fertilized Emily’s eggs? Is that something worth knowing? Is that important? Is Emison end game?




The finger from the end of last week has been confirmed to belong to Archer Dunhill. Marco comes to Alison’s work (????????????This couldn’t have waited until she was home???????) To break the news that they’re now treating it as a homicide case. This, however means that if our gals don’t finish the game in time that A.D is going to turn them in for the murder of Archer. A.D has footage of them burying his body, remember? Marco says that Mary is now a person of interest and Alison responds by saying “You can’t be too sure of anyone these days.” To which Marco replies, “You really can’t.” S K E T C H Y.



Aria has turned to the dark side. Also side note, A.D communicates via Facetime and it just looks like one of those cool snapchat filters hahahaha I legit died at this. Seriously though screw that I would have thrown that screen at the closest wall ASAP. But this is Aria, and she’s a lil fighter who’s a lil shady? She’s like that friend you organise to go out with but she bails after you’ve already spent an hour on your makeup. Except worse because she leaves Alison inside a baby store having a full blown panic attack to meet up with A.D. It’s also worth noting A.D says to Aria, “Jessica Dilaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file, he would definitely choose Nicole, and she would definitely be visiting him in gaol.”



Okay let’s just go over the cluster of information we were just given in like approx. 3 minutes.

Ted (The pastor guy who asked Hanna’s Mum to marry him) DATED MARY AND IS CHARLOTTES DAD? EXCUSE ME?

LUCAS AND CHARLOTTE WERE BEST FRIENDS. RING RING. ALARM BELLS. If this doesn’t SCREAM “Lucas is involved” I don’t know what else would. How did we not know they were friends? Why did Lucas never bring that up? Did Lucas kill Charlotte? Did Ted?

Mary killed Jessica, her own sister. This wasn’t that exciting for some reason. I think it would have been cooler if Mr Hastings did it or something. But alas, Mary spent a few days hiding out on Ted’s couch. Side note: Is he still a Pastor? Why did he let a murderer crash on his couch? I suppose I would be too scared to say no to Mary too though.

SYDNEY IS WORKING FOR A.D. We kinda already knew this after last episode, but it’s confirmed when Sydney is sitting in the back of the car Aria gets in and tells her what to do. She seems afraid and looks genuinely scared when Aria goes to open the cars privacy screen. Sydney confesses to shooting Spencer. Apparently her connection to A.D has nothing to do with Jenna and she’s helping because “It’s no fun being on the loosing team” and is encouraging Aria to be on the winning one.


At the end of the episode, the girls are pissed Aria left Alison when she was having a meltdown and get even angrier when it lands on Hanna again and doesn’t give Aria a turn.


That concludes this weeks Recap, Pretty Little Liars returns on the 24th of May as next week FOX8 is showing Ed Sheeran Live at the O2 Arena!

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