Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 5 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 5 Recap


Okay, let’s just take a collective moment together to FREAK OUT about everything that went down this ep. I think the coolest part about these last ten episodes is that each episode we’re getting something exciting. There’s no boring filler episodes – it’s straight to the point which I loooooove. I also hate it because it’s KEEPING ME UP AT NIGHT. Let’s discuss what went down this week.


Emily asked Alison to get a blood test so that they could be 100% certain the baby is theirs. Alison follows through and gets it done and confirms the news she already knew, but they both don’t know who the father could be. They find out that it’s definitely not Archer’s, which is a positive I suppose. I hope this is something we find out before the show ends! I want to know who would willingly fertilize Emily’s eggs and why!

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A.D’S SNAPCHAT LOOKIN’ FACE FILTER THOOOUGH I’M DYING. What a mess, I know this is supposed to be super creepy but I honestly was kind of giggling a bit. A.D threatens Aria by saying they can easily send Ezra to prison. Yiiikes. Aria receives multiple calls throughout the episode and apparently A.D doesn’t like being left on Voicemail. Same. A.D makes Aria tell him/her what Spencer and Emily found, and that they found that they spoke to Charlotte’s father and where Mary Drake was. She misses one call and A.D warns that there will be consequences if she does it again. SNITCHES GET STITCHES, ARIA.



Marco is being EXTREMELY suspicious of Spencer now, his entire attitude around her has just suddenly changed? What’s goin’ on in that lil head Marco? ALTHOUGH just saying, I called this from my first recap that there’s something up with him. Spencer meets up at a location to meet Mary Drake, however after an hour Marco lets himself in and confesses to following her. Speaking of Mary Drake, she’s communicating with Spencer in the weirdest way.

A note in a bottle of wine?????????????????????????? Just get a burner phone????????? A fake Facebook account???? Facetime????????? Whatever works I guess, I don’t know your life. Okay get ready for this. Marco is C O N V I N C E D Spencer is somewhat responsible for what’s happened to Archer. He’s suspicious of all the girls but especially Spencer. Poor Spencer has landed herself in deep trouble because the card she used to buy hers and Marco’s drinks many episodes ago WAS ELLIOT ROLLINS’ the night of his death. SHE ALSO SIGNED FOR IT. SPENCER NO. Marco is ready to pull out those r e c i e p t s and ask more questions. I don’t know how she will get outta this one.



Hanna and Emily go search Lucas’ stuff and find something immediately because it’s Pretty Little Liars and of course they do. It’s a comic he has written with CHARLOTTE. The story line follows a character like Lucas who is bullied relentlessly and Charlotte’s character comes to the rescue and gets physiological revenge on his bullies. Hmmmmmmmmm sounds SKETCHY. Aria later tells A.D this and gets the comic for him/her. In exchange, Aria gets christened with her first signature black hoodie. Ooooh.

Hanna also says she has been thinking about kids with Caleb, a lot. CUTE. Mona shows up, angry and shows Hanna a listing for her businesses Factory space, implying Lucas is selling it from beneath Hanna without telling her. In response, Hanna shows Mona the game and tells her to play it and finish it. Mona doesn’t want to, for obvious reasons, but by the end she looks like she’s going to give it a go. Even after it tries to stab her.



Ezra is at the airport when he sees Spencer and Wren having an aggressive chat with each other. Ummmmmmmm, excuse me? After her chat with Marco she asked to go home, so I don’t see why she would go to the airport and meet up with Wren? When she sees Ezra, she races over and asks him to stay for a drink. Her whole attitude just seems off??? It honestly doesn’t FEEL like Spencer. Plus, if it was – wouldn’t we have found out she was meeting up with him? On top of that, she asks Ezra not to tell anyone because she doesn’t want Marco finding out. SUuuuuuuuUURE. She’s apparently questioning Wren on Charlotte? SUUUUuuuUUuURE.

Aria misses ANOTHER one of A.D’s Facetimes. The episode ends with A doing a really evil laugh holding up a folder with Aria’s name on it. Uh oh. I don’t know much but I do know if we get to see Aria’s wedding this season, it’s probably going to get ruined.

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  • Rebecca Plumridge