Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 6 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 6 Recap


There’s only FOUR episodes left until Pretty Little Liars is over forever, so I’m just over here UNCONTROLLABLY SOBBING not wanting it to end but also wanting it to FINISH so we can finally have answers to my extensive list of important questions! This week we finally got to learn about how involved Lucas is in the entire ordeal and see how far Aria is willing to go not to play the game. BUCKLE UP LET’S GET INTO IT


Spencer tells the girls of her night many moons ago with Marco, how they got drunk together and how she may have just given him a reason to put the girls behind bars – if he gets a hold of the receipt of Archer Dunhill’s credit card with Spencer’s signature on it. Yikes. Spencer takes being interrogated like a pro and doesn’t bat a single eyelash at any of the questions. Marco eventually comes in and tells her he can’t help her if she doesn’t tell him the truth. Yeah, nah. Hard pass.

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Okay no more catchy Cher song titles I promise. Anyway, Ezra tells Aria she’s been rolling around and having nightmares in her sleep. She brushes it off. Oh honey, I guess being a SNAKE will do that to ya.  Ezra attempts to get the couples spark back by doing ballroom dancing together. It seems a bit awkward and tense between the two, but they both have heaps going on I guess. Later, Ezra is told to sell his book he needs to talk about Nicole and sell the story at a press conference. Aria encourages him to do so and also says she will be at his press conference in the front row. But GIRL, she bails on him to do some shady A.D work. Sighs for six thousand years. I love Aria, but none of the other girls have done this to get out of the game because they’re in it together??? I don’t know, it makes me sad.


Hacker man Caleb

In a desperate attempt to get to the receipt before Marco does, Caleb and Hanna work together to shut down the security cameras for ten minutes and frantically search for the receipt. However, they can’t find it and in a quick attempt to be done with it, flood the room. Hanna tells Caleb for the first time she was behind the door the day Caleb was trying to get back with Spencer. They feel partially responsible for Spencer’s actions because of what had happened between the three of them and Caleb promises Spencer not to let her down again. Hanna says, “The only thing scarier than playing this game is losing a friend over it.” Maybe Hanna should have a chat with ARIA. Before she is about to leave the receipts room, Hanna sees Lucas at the Radley on the security footage. SUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPICIOUS

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A.D’s move this episode is for Hanna to pick up a hard drive from a computer store and drop it off at the school. Does this school not have locked doors? Security? ANYTHING? No wonder there’s so many murders in Rosewood. It seems like anyone can just let themselves in and out willy nilly with no consequences, I’m surprised there isn’t homeless people sleeping in there TBH. The hard drive only seems to have a song by the same artist of the song played during the girl’s time in the Dollhouse and that’s as far as Hanna and Caleb go with it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.



In her move, she completely trashes Emily and Ali’s new nursery. Although, she’s sloppy in her technique and leaves an earring on the floor Spencer later picks up. She’s also horrible at keeping it a secret and is constantly keeping her head down or keeping quiet whenever the girls talk about A.D. I mean, if you’re going to play the part… PLAY IT. Unless she wants to get caught. I don’t know her life. At the end, she goes home and breaks down crying for obvious reasons. Poor lil snowflake.

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In another attempt to get out of trouble, Spencer rocks up to Marco’s apartment and cries begging him to let this case “slip through the cracks” Good god. I don’t know about you but I feel like this would make you look SO much guiltier. Naturally, he refused and she stole a USB on the way out. On the USB, there’s footage from Lucas’ interrogation way back when Charlotte died. The night he was supposed to be Hanna and the girls’ alibi. In true SNAKE fashion, turns out Lucas threw them under the bus.



Mona really wants to be a part of the PLL’s gang. Hanna tells Mona that the other girls don’t know that Mona knows about the game and this really upsets her. She tells Hanna she’s ready to play the game and even goes to the school to watch the locker for A.D. However, Emily and Ali think Mona is A.D and chase her (they still don’t know it was her) and to get away, Mona shoves Ali who falls but is all g.


After realising the USB is gone, Marco rings Spencer and says he needs it back. She fights back dirty like the Queen she is and tells Marco how suspicious it will look if people know she was at his house at night, alone. A silent threat. He hangs up. I love it. SHE. WENT. IN.



Lucas is busted by the girls scrambling through Hanna’s apartment looking for the comic and they confront him convinced he is A.D. Although, it turns out there’s a second issue to his and Charlotte’s graphic novel called “ENDGAME” and involved a game. JEEZ. It was never finished. Lucas also didn’t know Charlotte and Charles were the same person. The episode ends with the book in A.D’s gloved hands, drawing a gravestone on the last page and writing “here lies” on it, maybe all our PLL’s aren’t going to make it? Is the endgame really one of them dying? Also, Lucas pretty much confesses his LOVE for Hanna when they’re alone, telling her that he’s lost all his money being the anonymous investor in Hanna when no one else would. He was also supposed to meet someone at Radley, which is why Hanna saw him, but no one showed up? Ooooh.



Emily and Alison sealed the deal on their relationship this ep, in an adorable fashion Alison confessed to loving Emily and kissed her now that she’s ready. F I N A L L Y. I don’t want to speak too soon because for all I know Maya will come back as A.D and Emily will pick her over Alison or something. But it looks like it’s going to be these two in the end!


ALRIGHTY, so that’s what happened on this weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars. Wasn’t as eventful as the others and felt like a little bit of a filler, but it’s building up to something huge – I’m tellin’ ya it’s going to be worth the wait!

  • Rebecca Plumridge