Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 7 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 7 Recap

Driving Miss Crazy? More like driving ME crazy, talk about a crazy episode. At least a lot happened in this one as the others seem to be moving kind of slow. Although, SOMEHOW INSTEAD OF MY QUESTIONS BEING ANSWERED I’M JUST GETTING MORE QUESTIONS.


Ezra’s noticing the drastic differences in Aria’s behaviour because GIRL is awful at keeping secrets. Ezra even says at one point “Did I step on you? ‘Cause I could have sworn I saw pain” while dancing. Ezra says about their wedding at one point, “Nothing is going to ruin our perfect day” and I swear ALARM bells started ringing in my head. There used to be a lot of theories going around for a while there that Aria was A or A.D but let’s be real, she’s absolutely hopeless at hiding it and the show would have only gone for 2 seasons. She’s still being hassled by A.D to do dirty work and sneaks a phone into the Hastings’ house. She finally talks to A.D and says about still doing the work “Not if it means torturing my friends.” Like??????? You were okay with that 3 seconds ago?????????? Also how did she call back a blocked number? “Not Spencer, she’s already been through too much?” Ah, so getting Hanna, Emily or Alison would be fine? C’mon Aria where is your loyalty to your friends?! Although, I wasn’t huge on Ezra at the beginning of this season – he is stepping up his fiancé game at the moment and it is a d o r a b l e.


Oh, look. It’s everyone’s favourite character Marco! *groans for 6000 years*. Apparently a witness saw Caleb and Hanna at the Radley the night of the flood. He also said there’s new evidence anyway so the receipts being gone is no big deal. Naturally, Hanna freaks out and tries to track down the shovels they buried Archer with. However, they’re gone. DUN DUN DUNNNN. She assumes that Marco has them and the clock against her is ticking. Frantically trying to take a turn in the game, Hanna asks Aria why she hasn’t had a go yet. Hanna tells the girls Mona knows about the game which makes them mad.


Is the Emily and Mona ship a thing? If so, I don’t doubt they LOVED this scene. Emily and Mona try to track down who is the father of Alisons/Emily’s child and find the Doctor who did the procedure. He doesn’t tell much, except he gives them an I.D number for the patient. The two hilariously pretend to be a couple at first and it’s great.


Finally, we’re seeing more of everyone’s favourite mothers! Frist Mrs Hastings, and now Ashley Marin! Ashley asks Caleb if he’s responsible for the receipts and tells him that Marco keeps bringing it back to him as a suspect. Caleb plays it off like a pro and tells Ashley Hanna is in no trouble. Later, Mrs Marin asks Caleb what his intentions are with Hanna and Caleb DELIVERS THE CUTEST SPEECH EVER ON HOW HE WANTS TO MARRY HANNA AND LOVE IS REAL. Haleb is OFFICALLY endgame, bless.


Gosh, this family just keeps getting more and more complicated. The audio file playing from the burner phone Aria drops in Spencer’s house reveals Mary and Peter Hastings having a conversation about burying Jessica. To explain further, Mary HIDES in Spencer’s car like a scene from a scary movie and tells her to drive. They go to the Lost Woods resort – yep that’s still a thing – and she says “How sad, that it’s me your frightened of.” I MEAN?????????? IF SOMEONE COVERED MY MOUTH SO I WOULDN’T SCREAM AND DROVE ME TO A SCARY LOCATION I WOULD BE CONCERNED TOO, MARY. Apparently Mary was meant to die, not Jessica. Whoops. Mistaken identity does it again. Mary ultimately asks Spencer to skip town and leave with her and have a fresh new start. At the end, Spencer declines and says she can’t leave her family. Fair call. Later, Spencer’s parents are holding Mary’s letter to Spencer and Mr Hastings defends his actions, saying “If someone continually threatened you Spencer, I don’t think you’d do any different.” Weeeeeeeeeeeeeelll. Veronica says she doesn’t want to move anymore and wants to give up her Senates seat so she isn’t treading on water waiting for this scandal to end her career. Nooooo.


Okay. What. Was. THAT. Of all these years of Pretty Little Liars we’ve seen some weird stuff, but this takes the cake??????? I mean Mona can SING get it Queen but other than that? I’m sure this means something symbolically, like Ezra is being beaten ferociously while Aria is untouched walking to get married. I mean, this is the single weirdest thing to come out of this show? Is this Glee? Why did they do this? Did we deserve this? I’ve never seen something more out of place in my life and I’ve seen every season of Glee. THE BEST LINE HAS JUST BEEN SAID IN ALL PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HISTORY “You’re just a selfish little bitch, I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.” VERONICA HASTINGS DROP THAT MIC. INCREDIBLE. I audibly gasped.


Aria struggles to find her reward from A.D but finally gets it and sees its two puzzle pieces to the game. She looks over and Mona is watching her. Huh? Mona kind of has her evil/suspicious look on and the music got all weird. The episode ends with Emily trying to dive deeper into the baby daddy situation but Mona says no for the night and goes into her apartment. No bigger. EXCEPT SHE HAS AN ENTIRE ROOM DEDICATED TO THE GIRLS, THE GAME, AND ALSO HAS THE SHOVELS IN A CORNER!?  Is Mona playing both teams?  I mean, probably. Do I think she could be A.D? Naah, I feel like it’s going to be a bigger reveal than this.

  • Rebecca Plumridge