Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 8 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 8 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 episode 18 recap CHOOSE OR LOSE

FINALLY it’s all well and truly hitting the fan after a kind of slow season as our girls are fighting against time literally before being locked behind bars for the murder of Archer Dunhill. Let’s DISCUSS everything that went down this ep so I can BREATHE again.


The episode starts with the Police raiding the girls’ homes in search of evidence. Aria finds out just before however and shreds the police report she had previously written for Ezra before the police get to her home. It looks as though there’s no way out for the girls this time and the show might end with the girls locked up for good? Side note: MARCO IS O U T OF HEREEEEEE. Adios! I mean considering he has been in this season for a while now I thought he would have gotten a better send off than that. But he’s removed himself from the case and GOOOONE. DETECTIVE TANNER is also back and has a vengeance against proving the girls guilty. She’s not backing down this time and found a fragment of the shattered windshield in Spencer’s drain. Yikes.


A.D decides to meet Aria and tells her to wear the black hoodie/uniform when going. However, Mona is onto Aria and tells the other girls that Aria is on the A team with all the evidence. Mona listened in on the phone conversation (OR is also working for A.D and wanted to throw Aria under the bus? Who knows??) And plays some of the conversation for the girls who are naturally appalled. They BUST Aria and GOO OFFF. In all honesty, I’m glad they didn’t just go “ah sick no worries mate” and stood up for themselves. Aria is totally in the wrong here. Also, while Aria is waiting to meet A.D, they text her “You DO look good in uniform.” How did A.D underline text on an iPhone text message? I’m asking the important questions here. When Aria tries to plead her case, Alison says “So it was a no brainer to pick Ezra over us?” GET HER. Emily is being the sassiest she’s ever been and Spencer is the most hurt of all, “Because of you my parents are getting a divorce!” Which is fair enough. But I mean, the Hastings have a lot of secrets that probs don’t make a healthy relationship tbh and wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway. Leaving to go to the police station, Spencer turns to Aria and delivers the final blow, saying:

“You can find your own ride” s a s s y I’m LIVING.


And suddenly the world fell back into a perfect balance once more. Alison and Emily tell the girls they’re together and Hanna says “About time” which I mean?????? SAME. Toby even comes back from that 6 yearlong fishing trip that lasted two eps and catches up with Spencer, asking her to her face if she had something to do with Archer Dunhill’s murder. The two also HOOK UP but honestly I’m so suspicious of the Spencer twin theory any scene with Spencer in it now I’m squinting and glaring at the screen looking for the slightest difference in behaviour or clothing. When Toby asks Spencer to see his cabin (wink wink) she ignores the question and carries on the conversation, but later rocks up all like, “You invited me remember” and I’M SO CONFUSED. Meanwhile, Emily and Alison get busy at the bespoke kissing rock in a make shift picnic while Ezra and Aria also get reconnected if you catch my drift.


FINALLY, THE WEDDING WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE SEASON ONE. (Soz, Ezria fans). In an adorable ceremony including only Hanna, Caleb and Ashley – Hanna and Caleb get married! It’s beautiful and had me tearing up. So happy for these lil lovebirds. Fingers crossed their relationship isn’t carried out behind bars.


After Aria is shunned by the girls, Spencer visits to reach out and say she understands why Aria did it, but the police rock up and Tanner announces Aria is no longer a suspect in the murder and that they have proof she wasn’t in Rosewood the night of the murder. Ultimately meaning Aria won the game. Spencer storms out and Aria is persistent on making it right. She decides to turn herself in last minute but pulls over at the sound of something in her boot. Sure enough, it’s Archer’s dead body and because it’s Pretty Little Liars a Police car pulls up behind her. Uh oh spaghettio. ALSO SELF DESTRUCTING PHONES ARE A THING.


Time runs out and the girls are sitting ducks waiting to be taken away. Hanna makes a comment that she can’t believe after all they’ve been through one or all of them is about to go to jail. Emily hilariously replies “…We did kill a guy.” And they all start talking about why they should each turn themselves in. Alison kills it by adding, “None of this would have happened if I hadn’t married… Whatever his name was” AND I’M GONE HAHAHAHA


Working with Ezra and his incredibly advance hi tech spy gear – Caleb tracks down the location of the missing board game to Mona’s apartment. Inside, we see Mona sitting with the game and she puts on some glasses. Kind of looking how she used to back when the girls were in high school and she was nerdy Mona. It honestly looks like she could be going a lil crazy again? Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes.


  • Rebecca Plumridge