Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 9 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Episode 9 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Farewell My Lovely

FINALLY, WE KNOW WHO KILLED CHARLOTTE. The girls have officially FINISHED the game and are free of A.D? Maybe? I still don’t understand what’s happening 80% of the time I’m watching this show. BUT alas, this is the second last episode and we finally got an answer to one of the biggest questions this season has had.


The cliff-hanger last week had us finding out Archer Dunhill’s body was in Aria’s boot, right as a Police officer stopped to see what she was doing. Luckily for Aria she was able to get away without the officer knowing. Only with plans to turn herself in anyway, she might as well have just shown him the body tbh.


Leaving another note for Spencer, the pair meet up and Mary says she is giving the infamous Lost Woods resort to Spencer and Alison. Potentially to mortgage it and pay for their incoming lawyer fees. But tbh, as if Veronica wouldn’t fight to the death for Spencer’s freedom anyway. Mary says goodbye (again) and is on her merry way (again.)


Right as the girls are about to be taken away, Mary Drake confesses to everything. Yup, you read that right. She confesses to killing Archer and Jessica and says the girls were at Archer’s grave trying to do whatever they could to prove their innocence. Wooooow. How many times have the girls escaped prison now? The girls get busted near Archer’s body by Tanner who rocks up with a bloody tractor? That’s the most extra thing I’ve ever seen in my life? Did she just have it on standby in the middle of the night? The girls however were going to dig up Archer’s body but decided not to in a final stand against A.D because they realised it was pointless. Finally. Also, once Tanner tells the Liar’s that Jessica has confessed, they each stand there asking if Tanner believes the confession, or what Tanner thinks has happened. WHY THO. GET OUT OF THERE FAM.


Caleb tells the girls Mona has the game, however the game is actually stolen from Mona and she flees when Caleb tries to question it. Hanna finds Mona at the top of the Church bell tower because It’s Pretty Little Liars and we find out Mona is responsible for the death of Charlotte. It turns out she was going to kill her, but didn’t end up doing it. Charlotte says, “OH sweet Mona, you don’t have the guts.” Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, in the category of the wrong things to say to someone who wants to kill you – this is the wrong thing to say!!!! That was until Charlotte lashed out and in self-defence Mona pushed her into a metal pole sticking out which stabbed her in the neck. Boy was it MORBID and brutal. Hanna learns this the hard way as Mona’s gone a little crazy again and tries to kill Hanna thinking it’s Charlotte, but Spencer and Caleb come to her rescue. This kinda rules Mona and Caleb out as A.D right?????????????


So Ezra was especially fired up and defensive in this ep. He C A M E for the girls after not being able to get in contact with Aria and had a go at them for shunning her. I mean, even though they have every reason to but let’s forget thaaat. Aria also goes to turn herself in but Ezra stops her, and she tells him she has a dead body in her trunk. “I have a Master’s Degree in American literature, there is nothing I can’t handle” except ur relationship Ezra….. *sips tea*


So randomly during the episode Emily and Alison are home when there’s a gas(?) leak??????????????????????? or something and they fall asleep. In result Emily has a dream of the sequence we saw at the end of Season 6 where the girls are like, “Someone’s coming!”. I feel like the writers completely forgot about this scene until this episode and were like, “Oh man, we should throw this in here with absolutely no context.” Anyway, Aria comes to the door and they leave. The gas leak is never mentioned again. Probs won’t be either.

Also, if you’re wondering where Toby is. He’s not answering his phone, that’s all we know. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t show up in the last ep TBH. Boy just vanishes.


After finding out Mona had killed Charlotte the girls get the final puzzle pieces which leads them to Archer’s grave. Once home after Mary’s confession, the game turns blank and it’s implied it has finished and come to an end. Spencer says A.D has nothing on them anymore. ALTHOUGH, the camera pans over the game one last time and the shot lingers on THE HASTINGS HOME. WHY? A.D HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING FOR SPENCER OR SOMETHING TO DO WITH SPENCER. GOOOOSEBUMPS.


With the girls’ game pieces in tow, A.D drives off into the sunset. Is that happily ever after? Nah probably not.

Get ready for the TWO HOUR finale next Wednesday followed by the A.D wrap party NEXT Wednesday from 8:30pm! That’s right, that’s THREE hours of new Pretty Little Liars stuff!

  • Rebecca Plumridge