Shane West to play Bane in final season of GOTHAM

The fifth and final season of Gotham is fast approaching and as FOX8 can reveal, the addition of Villain ‘Bane’ will be played by Shane West.

This week saw the first images of West’s character, Bane, revealed to the public by director, Tze Chun.

Fans can expect to see the new villain make his debut during the first run of episodes in the final season.

The final season will jump forward 10 years to potentially show Bruce Wayne’s final transformation into the crime-fighter fans love.

Fans will see Shane West cast as a character called Eduardo Dorrance (sharing the same surname as Bane’s canonical father) who appears to help James Gordon restore order to Gotham.

According to show producer John Stephens, it’s from here that the show will lead into how additional villain, Bane, will be introduced.


In 1993 Bane appeared in the comics as a powerful crime lord who spent his childhood and early adulthood in prison, and sentenced to life for the actions of his father.

Bane soon becomes the “King’ of the prison and was forced to undergo testing of the drug “venom” which had given him extreme strength and other abilities.

Bane continues to escape prison and arrive at Gotham city wearing a costume and mask that deters him from injecting venom.

According to the comics, Bane was best known for his “Knightfall” storyline, where he breaks Batman’s back. This storyline was later loosely adapted for the 2012 film “The Dark Knight Rises” which saw actor Tom Hardy (Shameles) as Bane.


Shane West has previously acted in films such as:

  • A Walk To Remember (2002)
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
  • Dracula 2000 (2000)
  • Whatever It Takes (2000)

Stay tuned for dates: Gotham Season 5 will air early 2019 on FOX8