AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 172cm

Christy works part time at a horse training property and in her spare time she can be found riding her horses or using her keen eye for detail to photograph them! Before applying for Australia’s Next Top Model, Christy was completing a trial for an apprentiship in hairdressing and working on her mum’s animal farm. Having never modelled before, this is a pretty new industry to Christy. She wasn’t really into fashion as she was growing up and never thought of becoming a model until recently. She hopes that Australia’s Next Top Model allows her to find herself and get some exposure in the modelling world.

Quote to live by: If you dream big enough, anything is possible – Never give up.

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: Taylor Hill

Favourite item of clothing right now?: Ankle grazer jeans

One beauty product she couldn’t live without: Lip Balm