AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 176cm

Kassidy loves old Hollywood glamour and was inspired as a young girl to become a model from old 80’s films and TV shows. Her all-time favourite show is Sex and The City and she’d love to live the Carrie Bradshaw life! Before applying for Australia’s Next Top Model Kassidy was working as a support worker for kids with special needs. She wants to be Australia’s Next Top Model so she can follow her dreams and if she doesn’t become a model she will like to pursue a career as a history teacher.

Favourite beauty blogger?: Zoella

Favourite Celebrity Crush?: Johnny Depp from Cry baby

Favourite past ANTM winner?: Tahnee, she was a beautiful girl and an excellent role model.

The only beauty product you couldn’t live without?: Bio derma! It’s amazing and leaves the skin fresh.

Favourite food? Green mango salad and red liquorice!