Australia’s Next Top Model News

Catch Ups With Jordan

Jordan Simek was eliminated after makeover week where her biker shot didn’t quite meet the brief, leaving her just half a point short.  She left with high spirits, making it to the top 10 with an ambassador position under her belt. Jordan scored the top spot in the week 2 Colgate challenge and became the face for Colgate Optic White…Read more

Wondering what Vitoria is up to?

Extreme model week brought with it a lot of pressure and to add, the week came a shock double elimination! Vitoria gracefully plunged into the pool for the challenge, and turned the heat up to the max in the photo shoot, but sadly lost by half a point to Kassidy, meaning Vitoria had to leave the competition. We were…Read more

Look who’s back!

On Tuesday we crown our Season 10 winner of Australia’s Next Top Model! Our top 2,  Aleyna and Sabine will arrive at the finale location and will be joined on the runway by this year’s top 11, as well as 40 models from all past 9 series.  Together, they will put on the biggest, most spectacular runway that Top Model…Read more

The Top 2’s Journey In Photos

From 13 down to 2, we are almost at the end of the tenth season of Australia’s Next Top Model! What a ROLLERCOASTER it has been for our top 2! Aleyna and Sabine were some of the youngest of the group at only 16 and 17 respectively when their journey began. Both girls were pretty shy to begin…Read more

Milan Photographer Stefania Paparelli

“Stefania Paparelli was born in Rome. After graduating high school and a long experience traveling and working through out Europe, first in the Uk and afterwards in France, she is now based in Sardinia, with her family, commuting between Sardinia and Paris. She works worldwide for magazines such as Crash, Elle (France), Elle (Italy), Glamour (France),…Read more