Jane The Virgin

Alba Villanueva

Alba Villanueva

Jane The Virgin – Alba Villanueva is Jane’s loving yet tough-as-nails grandmother. She’s a very big believer in God and a devoted Catholic. No matter what happens, Alba acts as the rock of the family especially during tumultuous times involving her daughter and granddaughter’s lives. Whenever there’s any tension or hostility between Xiomara and Jane, she acts as the voice of reason, and provides tongue-in-cheek advice too to lighten up the mood.

Portrayed by Ivonne Coll.

An award-winning actress across television, film and theatre, Ivonne Coll was born on the stunning island of Puerto Rico. She first got her breakout role as the Redheaded Yolanda in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather II. This role made her an international star and one of the first Puerto Rican actresses to cross over from the Latin world to Hollywood. Ivonne has also worked alongside award-winning actors such as Al Pacino, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Hopper, Andy Garcia and Cuba Gooding Junior.

Other television credits include Nip Tuck, An American Family, Six Feet Under, NYPD Blue, The Practice, Heroes, Crossing Jordan, Judging Amy, Saturday Night Live, Cold Case, Jane of Arcadia, LA Law, Wings, Without A Trace and CSI.