Barry Allen

Barry Allen

The Flash – Barry Allen was just an ordinary forensic scientist, working close with his adoptive father Joe West on the Police force to help solve crimes, until the Star Labs particle accelerator explosion. The explosion caused Barry to develop super speed! Although shocking at first, Barry with the help from the scientists at Star Labs develops the control of his powers and decides to use them to help the people of Central city. He becomes The Flash. Using his new found powers, he helps control and contain other super powered beings who were effected by the particle accelerator explosion who have decided to use their powers for more selfish reasons. As he faces a plethora of threats in the form of Meta-Humans (super powered beings), he attempts to juggle his relationships, friendships and complicated family life.

Portrayed by Grant Gustin.

Familiar to audiences from his role on Glee, Grant Gustin stars as DC Comics’ character Barry Allen, AKA The Flash. Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Grant Gustin always enjoyed performing. While attending Granby High School, he attended the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts program to focus on musical theatre and appeared in Cabaret, All Shook Up and Little Shop of Horrors.

After graduation, Gustin was admitted into the BFA Music Theatre Program at Elon University in North Carolina. It was during his sophomore year that he decided to audition for the Broadway revival tour of West Side Story and was awarded the role of Baby John and toured across the country with over 400 performances.
After wrapping the tour, Gustin joined the third season of the popular musical series, Glee, in which he played Sebastian Smythe, the lead of Dalton Academy’s Warblers singing group. Gustin sang popular solos on Glee, including covers of “Glad You Came,” and “Smooth Criminal.” Other television credits include playing twins on CSI: Miami, a recurring role on 90210; and a lead in the original television movie, A Mother’s Nightmare, opposite actress Annabeth Gish.

Gustin also stars in the independent film drama, Affluenza, directed by Kevin Asch. The film is a generational coming-of-age drama set amid an upper class Long Island suburb in the final weeks of the summer leading up to the financial meltdown of 2008.