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The Inside Scoop Of The Flash Season 5: Tom Cavanagh (Harry Wells)

The Flash Season 5 starts 8:30pm Wednesday October 10  With the premiere of season 5 of the Flash speeding towards us, Tom Cavanagh (Harry Wells) gives us all insight we need coming into the epic new season…. As an actor, what is the most exciting aspect of working on a show like The Flash? The reason I…Read more

The Inside Scoop Of The Flash Season 5: Grant Gustin (Barry)

Season 5 of The Flash starts Wednesdays 8:30pm from October 10 If the season 4 finale had you shocked, we speak to actor Grant Gustin (Barry) who gives us all the vital information for next season, and just how Barry will cope with that new family member of his…. In the season four finale, Nora [played by…Read more

The Inside Scoop Of The Flash Season 5: Danielle Panabaker (Killer Frost)

The Flash Season 5 starts Wednesday 8:30pm October 10  From talks about Killer Frost, meta-schizophrenia and directing her own episode – we speak to actress Danielle Panabaker about her role in the upcoming season of The Flash… How does Caitlin’s story intersect with Killer Frost in season five? They are certainly going to be intertwined. At…Read more

The Inside Scoop Of The Flash Season 5: Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon)

The Flash Season 5 starts Wednesday October 10 8:30pm  With the Season 5 premiere of The Flash fast approaching we catch up with Carlos Valdes to get all the latest on what to expect coming into the new season. What excites you the most about season five of The Flash? From the scripts I’ve read, the thing…Read more

The Flash Season 5: All The Details So Far

Going into The Flash Season 5 and need a quick refresher? Here’s our guide to get you up to speed (ha ha) on all you need to know before the new season begins… There’s a family reunion The “mystery girl” (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was introduced to fans as early as Iris West and Barry Allen’s wedding last season….Read more

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Season 6
Date & time
14: Death Of The Speed Force
14: Death Of The Speed Force
Wed 4 March·8:30pm
Fri 6 March·5:10am
13: Grodd Friended Me
13: Grodd Friended Me
Wed 26 February·8:30pm
Fri 28 February·5:10am