About Supergirl


There are many variations of Supergirl which all originate from the DC comic universe, depicting one of the most powerful female characters in comic history in extremely different ways.

Since her debut appearance in 1958 Supergirl has had many names and appearances and has come to be through the use of mystical artefacts, from artificial protoplasmic life-forms, parallel universes, cloning and of course from alien planets.

The most recent rendition of Supergirl is Kara Zor-El, who has a strong family connection to arguably the most iconic superhero of all time, Superman. Kara is the daughter of Superman’s Uncle Zor-El and Aunty Alura In-Ze and grew up living on their home planet Krypton. At the time of Krypton’s destruction Kara was 13, much older than her cousin Kal-El (Superman) who was only just an infant.

It was originally Kal-El’s parents idea to protect their only child from the destruction of their planet and send him to Earth, where the solar system’s yellow sun would enhance his Kryptonian genealogy, giving him heightened abilities.

The plan was to send Kara to Earth as well, to protect her younger cousin and be an asset to the people on Earth; however the aftershock of the planet’s destruction knocked her vessel off course sending her into the Phantom Zone. Kara’s ship was stuck in stasis in the Phantom Zone where time did not pass for 24 years. Eventually she was released and set back on course for Earth.

When Kara arrived on earth she was still the same teenage girl that left Krypton, however 24 years had passed. Her cousin had grown up on Earth and revealed himself to the world as Superman. Kal-El placed Kara in the loving hands of the Danvers family where Kara lived a normal teenage life with her step sister Alex. She hid her powers, those of which equalled Superman’s from the citizens of Earth as she believed that “Earth didn’t need another hero”.



Season 4
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19: American Dreamer
19: American Dreamer
Mon 29 April·8:30pm
Tue 30 April·2:45am
Wed 1 May·4:25am
18: Crime And Punishment
18: Crime And Punishment
Mon 22 April·8:30pm
Tue 23 April·2:40am
Wed 24 April·4:25am