The 2018 DC Crossover: Batwoman’s Debut

The annual crossover event blessed our screens back in 2014 when Arrow and The Flash joined forces and changed the lives of DC fans everywhere. This year, they are upping the game in a BIG way by introducing Ruby Rose (MTV, Orange is The New Black) as the first lesbian leading superhero – Kate Kane’s Batwoman.

Which shows will be included?

This year’s crossover will feature characters from Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl along with one very new character ????.

Fans will find Legends of Tomorrow sitting this one out for the first time, for two reasons. Firstly, due to the sheer amount of characters from all the shows coupled with a potential new series, not all characters would get their time in the sun. Secondly, due to Legends becoming so tonally different, it simply doesn’t fit well with the rest of the shows included.

New character debut

Following tradition, the crossover will introduce a potential new Arrow series. The main driver for this year is Batwoman, aka Kate Kane’s played by Ruby Rose. The CW is teaming up with the creator of the Arrowverse, Greg Berlanti, for a potential spin-off which is still to be confirmed.

Fans will see Kane as a woman with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind. Likewise, she’s a highly trained street fighter with a determination to fix the city’s criminal resurgence. However there is no confirmed word on how she will join the Arrowverse or what earth she will be from.

Our bet is on Earth-38! We think it’s time that Supergirl has another hero in her universe.

But wait, there’s more!

Fans will also see more character reappearances such as Tyler Hoechlin, reprising his role as Superman. At the same time, the role of Lois Lane, the “dogged and determined reporter” has just been cast with Grimm‘s Elizabeth Tulloch stepping up as the love of Superman’s life. Obviously, the coupling of these two in action will be a massive milestone not to be missed!

The DC Crossover will be in December 2018

The Flash S5 Starts Wednesday October 10 at EXPRESS from the US 8:30pm on FOX8

Supergirl S4 Starts Monday October 15 EXPRESS from the US 8:30pm on FOX8

Arrow S7 Starts Tuesday October 16 EXPRESS from the US at 9:30pm on FOX8

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S4 Starts Tuesday October 23 EXPRESS from the US at 8:30pm on FOX8