The Flash Season 5: All The Details So Far

Going into The Flash Season 5 and need a quick refresher? Here’s our guide to get you up to speed (ha ha) on all you need to know before the new season begins…

There’s a family reunion

The “mystery girl” (Jessica Parker Kennedy) was introduced to fans as early as Iris West and Barry Allen’s wedding last season. Although speculation about her identity was definitely the hot topic, most guesses were far from correct.

Nora West-Allen revealed herself in the finale of last season as Iris and Barry’s speedster time-travelling daughter. With Nora as a season regular, fans won’t be disappointed to find the new episodes packed with West-Allen family and time-travelling drama.


Following last season, this season will introduce a non-speedster villain. Chris Klein (American Pie/Oz) will bring to life the iconic DC comic character, Cicada. Known to be a grizzled, blue-collar every-man, Cicada unleashes his fury after his family was torn apart by metahumans. Fans of the comics would remember Cicada as the religious fanatic and cult leader David Hersh.

Hersh believed he was connected to The Flash because he was struck by lightning, which gave him the ability to absorb the life force of others. Cicada comes with a vengeance – to kill everyone The Flash had previously saved by using lightning-shaped knives.

However fans should note, the series version of Cicada will be slightly altered. If he does have the same life-altering powers, The Flash can’t touch him. So how will be defeated?

More characters

At this year’s Comic-Con, The Flash executive producer Todd Hellbing revealed that younger versions of The Rogues will appear in Season 5, with no specifics about which ones. Yet the list of potential villains is extreme: the most likely of these will be younger versions of Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

Another casting announcement is Kiana Madeira as Spencer Young aka Spin. However fans should be excited to see the comic-original gender swapped. Spin is known as a young, aspiring social media influencer seizing the chance to make herself famous.

Veronica Mars alum Kyle Sector is cast as the referenced-yet-unseen father of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). Fans will see Dr Thomas Snow finally introduced this season, but hiding a secret when he arrives.

Barry dressing to impress

In order for Barry to defeat any of the new and younger versions of villans turning up, he’ll need to up his game. Which means, yes, a supersuit upgrade. Barry will also finally get his Flash ring from the comics.


Anddd… The bad news…

Unforuntately, yes, there will be a lot of deaths this season and as Hellbing stated, maybe even a main character or two.

All this with the news of this season’s crossover, this season is looking to be the biggest season yet?!

The Flash S5 Starts Wednesday October 10 at EXPRESS from the US 8:30pm on FOX8