Recap of the best bits from Season 2 of The Recruit!

Recap of the best bits from Season 2 of The Recruit!

So this is it. They have been tested, watched and challenged and after 9 long weeks, it’s time for the decider episode. One last chance for the recruits to impress Mick and the Executives and to change their lives forever.

Cue: The most dramatic slo mo walk in all season…

Who will rise to the occasion? Which lucky 3 recruits will be fronting the 18 AFL Club’s at the live draft? And who will subsequently walk away with a signed AFL Contract?

But before all that, let’s look back on some of the best moments from The Recruit Season 2:

1. #Eagsydoesit! Again and again and again.

With his off-field antics getting him into a bit of strife initially, the dreadlocked giant had a lot to prove roundabout halfway through the competition. And yet he didn’t just prove himself – he absolutely smashed it out of the ball park; coming into form in the Little Athletics challenge, the tire-changing challenge and (this week) the final ever Captain’s Challenge: who can hold a 10kg, cement-filled AFL ball above his head for the longest? Which had Matt a little bit like this…

Pain is temporary; quitting’s forever.


Going from strength to strength within the competition, big Matty Eagles won the highly contended Captain’s armband x3 when many of the other fellas did not get it once, always getting the job done, proving a newfound focus and making him a well-deserving member of the Top 3.


Can change a tire.


Watch this space!

2. #Rhettspo

How could we forget those absolute pearlers from Rhett – the entrepreneur and public speaker from Sunbury Victoria? Rhett is truly the most mature, focused and inspirational 21-year-old to have ever appeared on a reality television show, delivering pure gold from Week 1 onwards.

See below for what we now like to refer to as #Rhettspo:

“Football is much more than a game to me; it’s a metaphor for hard work and dedication in life”.

“In order to achieve you have to believe.”

And who could forget this classic Season 2 moment…

“I’m committed to mastery in everything I do.” – Rhett

We love you Rhett!

3. Justin being afraid of LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

Also known as The Captains challenge vs. Justin Van Unen.

That’s right, from the same guy who brought you this…


“Whoever invented the kayak, I hope they went broke.” – Justin

..came more hilarity aka Justin nutting it while facing (another) one of his greatest fears…….


Until it was just a given that when it came to Captain’s Challenges Justin was just a real battler; inclusive of tears, near-voms and a whole lotta man hugs.

“Until there’s a goal-kicking challenge I think Justin’s going to come last.. in everything” – Jackson.

Thanks for all the laughs Justin (but stick to the AFL we say)!

4. That waterfall visit.


Enough said, right ladies?

 5. The Jackson & Jayden bromance.

Despite the varying levels of nervous energy, tears and man-tiffs that filled The Recruit House over 9 weeks, one thing stayed true and strong: Jayden and Jackson’s love for eachother. Pushing aside any pressure of the competition or strain with the other fellas, this relationship remained solid, courtesy of some very excellent bant and many a man-wrestle.

Albeit it really sad it’s almost fitting that these lads fall together in Episode 9. So close to the final 3 and having made enormous improvements in fitness and skill they will be ones to watch and on top of that – now have a bromance that will last a lifetime!


6. Daniel’s love affair with…. junk food

Coming in as one of the biggest improvers in skinfolds throughout the course of the competition, the fiery Midfielder subsequently talked up a big game about ditching his love affair with lollies, soft drinks and his favourite, the good ol’ Bubble O’ Bill; determined not to mess up this second chance at an AFL contract.

Nek minute, the fellas are at the V8s… and Daniel remembers what pizza is…


…and what’s to follow is a whole lotta food shaming from the other recruits, Mick and Dicko. Come on fellas, let the boy have himself some bleeping pizza!!!


Grid Girls or pizza? We think we know what Daniel would choose..

We know he learnt his lesson though, now understanding that being an AFL player is a full-time gig, and not just one that applies when you’re on the field. Apart from being an absolute gun on-field, Daniel’s made some major improvements in fitness, lifestyle and maturity throughout the course of the comp, which we can only assume contributed to Mick’s decision to have him in his Top 3 (but it’s still really funny to laugh about this pizza moment, right?)

7. Jordy fails.

Okay so Jordan we love you (please refer to Best Bits Article from Ep 1 (link to this: but you gave us some pure gold in episode 8.

Kicked off by not quite getting the memo on the concept of a jumpsuit…

The struggle is real.

..Jordan then derped it in the Captain’s Challenge, described by his teammates as a “drowned rat”, “blind as a bat” and probably various other animal species as he flails around looking for the beacon, finding the beacon, oh wait no that’s a GoPro, finally finding the beacon and then placing last by a long, long way in what was his second last chance at claiming Recruit Captaincy.



What we admire however is his attitude – having a big laugh at himself and proving himself in many other ways before sliding into the Top 3 of The Recruit Season 2.

8. One-liners from Jack.

Including, but not exclusive to, that time he quoted Eminem.

Is anybody else feeling a potential back-up career in rap?

9. Calendar wars.

And last but not least, that awkward moment when your coach shows you HIS shirtless calendar shoot and it’s maybe kind of better than yours? I don’t know – you guys be the judge. But bravo to Dicko and our boys for being such a good sports throughout the entire season, the incredible bant and for superstar Head Coach Mick Malthouse keeping them all in line throughout!

That awkward moment when your coach shows you his shirtless calendar…

So who will win? Tune into FOX8 next Wednesday 21 September at 8.30pm est to find out who will be named The Recruit Season 2.