Recap of the best bits from Episode 8 of The Recruit!

Recap of the best bits from Episode 8 of The Recruit!

As we roll on into the 8th week of The Recruit Season 2 it is safe to say we are well and truly down to the pointy end of the comp. There are six hopeful fellas left and in just two short weeks, three of these boys will be standing in front of all 18 AFL Club’s at the live draft.

This week’s focus? Resilience, which sees the boys tested in ways they have never been before. More importantly though: it’s Warnie Week! This means helicopter entrances, much banter and advice on women…… perhaps not in that order.

1. Girl power!

Or to put it more bluntly, the boys getting totally owned by Lauryn Eagle. This girl is an absolute gun – an Australian water skiing champion turned professional boxer, who gives the guys a run for their money in a casual boxing session to start off the week. Because there’s nothing better for focus, concentration and getting a solid work out than a boxing sesh, right Daniel?

Lauryn blatantly admits that her aim is to break the Recruits by pushing them to the EXTREME, both mentally and physically. And it goes better for some than it does for others…


“I might fart or vomit.” – Daniel

What a woman!


2. DIY Slingshots.

When boredom is taken to a whole new level in The Recruit house……..


Somebody get these boys some books to read!

3. Jordy fails.

Okay so Jordan we love you (please refer to Best Bits Article from Ep 1) but you have given us some pure gold this episode.

Kicked off by not quite getting the memo on the concept of a jumpsuit…

The struggle is real.

..Jordan then derps it in the Captain’s Challenge, described by his teammates as a “drowned rat”, “blind as a bat” and probably various other animal species as he flails around looking for the beacon, finding the beacon, oh wait no that’s a GoPro, finally finding the beacon and then placing last by a long, long way in what was his second last chance at claiming Recruit Captaincy.


Better luck next time Jordan!


 4. Jackson’s Captaincy.

 According to the coaches he is the biggest improver over the course of the competition and yet still, this is Jackson “Sketchy” Sketcher’s first week to truly shine; winning the Captain’s Challenge because apparently that’s what his Mum put him on this earth to do…. escape a helicopter whilst underwater.

The success goes straight to his head though which sees the boys absolutely reeling and giving us a massive laugh…

Ah yes, we remember our first Captain’s Challenge win….

The talented Half Back then proceeds to win himself a one-on-one with sporting hero Shane Warne, making a rock star entrance with his new BFF on a helicopter and giving the boys heaps because, Recruit banter. Oh and in the game? Sketchy is nothing short of excellent, up until he gets unfortunately winded and is side-lined for the rest of the game.

 So is Jackson making a late run at the AFL contract? Or if not him, who is your pick to be The Recruit Season 2?

To be continued next week…