Recap of the best bits from Episode 1 of The Recruit!

Recap of the best bits from Episode 1 of The Recruit!

You know the show: the nationwide search turning one weekend warrior into an AFL Footballer; with a guaranteed spot on an AFL Club’s list. Well you better bloody believe it: The Recruit Season 2 has finally hit our screens! And with former AFL player and legendary Coach, Mick Malthouse signed as Head Coach the pressure has definitely been brought up a notch. And boy is it hard to pick just a few top moments from the first episode!

  1. “The Tan”’

If there was a TV show that was going to inspire us to get up off the couch and re-join the local gym or play a team sport this is definitely it! And the first challenge of the season makes zero exception.


“The Tan” challenge consists of running the entire track of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria. To spice it up throughout however, Coaches Mick Malthouse and Ben ‘Dicko’ Dickson enforce 100 squats, performed under the watchful eyes of AFL legends Boomer Harvey and Corey Enright. Then – a cruisey 100 sit ups in front of Anthony Koutoufides and Jason Akermanis and after that, 100 push ups for Dermott Brereton and Dustin Fletcher.  Killer, right? NOT OVER. To top it all off the Season 2 fellas must kayak 4km down the Yarra, finishing up 400m from Etihad Stadium which the boys then need to sprint. Obviously.


Total distance from Start to Finish: 8.2km

How unfit we feel watching them do it: 100%.

  1. #Rhettspo

Entrepreneur and public speaker from Sunbury Victoria, Rhett Coots is truly the most mature, focused and inspirational 21-year-old to have ever appeared on a reality television show. His greatest inspiration is Tony Robbins and his every-morning routine includes meditation, visualisation and exercise, followed by… a cold shower? We don’t really get what that one but we won’t ask questions.. He’s never been more ready to become the next recruit and we’ve never felt more lazy in our entire lives!

Rhett delivers some absolute pearls of wisdom within just Ep1 of the season, see below for what we have now coined #Rhettspo:

“Football is much more than a game to me; it’s a metaphor for hard work and dedication in life”.

“In order to achieve you have to believe.”

And who could forget …

Oh and hey Rhett – how do you think today’s game went for you as Captain? “I think I went quite well because I’m committed to mastery in everything I do.”


  1. Ben Dixon banter.

Now it’s been a while between kick offs for Recruit Assistant Coach, Ben Dixon, but the dynamic this season – and most notably Dicko’s bant – does not suffer in the slightest. Episode 1 zingers are including, but certainly not exclusive to, these gems:

  • “You too spider nuts…” (Dicko to Jayden)
  • “Don’t worry about the finish line mate; we’ll just save that for the rest!” (Dicko to Shylo)
  • “I move quicker than him and I’m 8 years out!” (Dicko on Darren)
  • “I mean, it’d give a dead man a horn the way he goes in at the ball..” (Dicko on Jason)
  • “This bloke can’t chew gum and walk at the same time” (Dicko on Brady)
  • Aswell as “Who needs a Viagra when you’ve got Mick Malthouse!” Ew.


  1. Jordan Trelour.

Ladies, let’s discuss. It’s hard to describe the 23-year-old Melbourne boy in so few words. Hang on no it isn’t …. arms. He loves being the centre of attention, is uber competitive and, well, some kind of physical god. He says he’s a promo model but also then says this and it’s kind of confusing:


However it isn’t until he has some major fails in the kayak component of the race that we like him way more. Leading the pack in the race to Etihad stadium kayaking suddenly gets the better of him and he rams into the Yarra wall what feels like 20 consecutive times. And so ensues a whole lot of swearing, pushing, awkward paddle flailing and we feel his pain we really do (that first time in a kayak at Year 7 Camp, anyone?)

Best of all though Jordy eventually finds a second wind and with grit and determination (*cough, arms*) ends up making peace with his kayak and coming second in the challenge to Rhett. He’s not just a pretty face ladies – Jordan’s mental strength in this first challenge proves him to be a real contender for The Recruit!

  1. The Recruit House

Last but not least though is The Recruit House – an absolute palace in comparison to what the boys are seemingly used to complete with gym, jacuzzi, ping pong and pool tables and copious amounts of muscle flexing and banter.

For more of The Recruit House check out this exclusive look into the house and all the shenanigans that go on within (please can somebody go in and show these fellas how to use an oven?!)