What does it take to be an AFL player?

What does it take to be an AFL player?

We’re gearing up for The Recruit Season 2 here at FOX8 and it’s not going to be all fun and games for our Recruits. Being an AFL player takes discipline, commitment, resilience and hard work.

Here’s what it really takes to be an AFL player.

This means that players are working out for 35 hours per week in clubs for preparation pre-season; this gets the AFL player ready for the season ahead which will require agility, speed and tactic.


AFL is not only about endurance, like any other profession it requires practice; practice through repetition is what gets you ready for the game. Players often spend two to three hours doing hand drills or kicks, ensuring that they will be ready when they hit the field.

If you ever watched an AFL game you’ll notice that there is a lot of kicking in the game, it is important that players work on their left and right foot. Ultimately if you can’t kick you can’t play!


AFL players often describe their sporting career as more than just a job, but rather a lifestyle, every waking moment is spent preparing their body and mind, for elite sportsmanship.

Nutrition and diet is vital to the endurance of the players, many eating protein and carbohydrate rich foods, to fuel them up for the long daily gym sessions, including aerobic workout matched with weight work.

Did you know that AFL players can run up to 10kms during a game? This requires a high level of fitness and speed.


If you’re thinking of getting out there and playing AFL, whether it be at your local park with your mates or have bigger dreams of playing professionally, start by incorporating a fitness regime that gets you moving daily, and build on that, pushing your fitness limits and building endurance is key.


We can’t all be AFL players but we can all get out there and get involved in some way in the game of the nation!

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