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With the premiere of the new season of DC Legends of Tomorrow fast approaching, we spoke to actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers about what storyline twists and turns fans should expect for season four. Richardson-Sellers famously played Amaya Jiwe in earlier seasons of the DC drama, but the actress returns with a mysterious new character in season four…

What can you reveal about season four of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

I play a new character in season four, which is very exciting. Her name is Charlie and she is a magical fugitive who is going to cause some havoc. When history broke and time broke [in the season three finale], Charlie slipped through into this dimension. She is a rebel without a cause.

She’s just looking out for herself. She’s a much more tough, edgy punk-rock kid who looks like Amaya, so the whole team has to respond to that. Why is she there? What does she want? You will soon see.  Once she realizes the power she possibly has within the team, she will start to think, ‘What should I do with this power?’ That’s her journey.

Is the team going to have a hard time separating the new character from Amaya?

Definitely. And I think she’ll probably use that to her advantage. She has magical powers, which are really, really cool powers – but I can’t say more than that.

The team need her help to figure out how to get rid of these other magical entities, so it’s a battle between, ‘Can we trust her enough to use her or is she going to use us?’

Will there be any more ties with the JSA [the Justice Society of America]?

Oh, I hope so. I hope so! I’d love to have Amaya come back again, but who knows? Maybe the team can check in with the rest of the JSA members? In fact, I think there might be someone coming in you might recognize, which will be really exciting.

Hopefully. I always want the JSA to come back. They are great.

When did you discover the news that you were going to be playing a new character in season four of the show?

I think I was told a couple of episodes before the finale.

What did you think of the news of the departure of Amaya?

It felt like Amaya needed to go home. It was time. She’d been through so much. We felt like we wanted to do her right and let her go, so we sent her home. And when they told me about that, they [the producers] said to me, “But you’re not going anywhere.”

How did you react to the news of your new character, Charlie?

When they presented this character to me, I was like, “She sounds amazing. She’s the opposite of Amaya, which is fantastic.” Charlie is cheeky. She’s playful. She’s wild. She doesn’t care about good or bad. She just wants to have a good time. She is definitely a prankster and a jokester, so I think this season is going to be really fun.

How would you describe Charlie’s relationship with Nate Heywood [played by Nick Zano] in season four?

I’m curious to find out. We haven’t got there yet, but I think it’s going to be really hard for him because he lost her [Amaya] personally. He’s mourning for Amaya, so I wonder whether Charlie is going to use that to her advantage?

I wonder if she’s going to play with that? I don’t know. I guess it all depends on why she’s here and what her ulterior motive is, and whether the team can win her over when she starts to mess up things.

I think it will be really interesting what she does with Nate and whether she’s still attracted to him. I don’t know. Maybe she’ll still play with him? We’ll soon find out.

Which of the characters is not going to trust Charlie at all?

I don’t know who it will be, but I’m guessing there will definitely be someone who doesn’t trust Charlie. I think Sara will find it hard because she’s trying to do a job and suddenly there’s this new chick on the ship who’s going to shake up everything.

Charlie doesn’t really care about history or fixing things. Actually, she’s one of the bad guys. She’s one of the guys who they are trying to put away, so the question is, “How are they going to stop her and why aren’t they?”

That’s what I want to know. We’ll see.

How will John Constantine [played by Matt Ryan] react to Charlie being on board the Waverider?

I imagine he is going to be pretty annoyed because his whole purpose in life is to stop magical entities from doing harm – but that’s exactly what she is. I think it’s going to take a lot for her to convince him and win him over.

It’s going to take a lot to convince him that she’s safe; that she’s a goodie. I think he’s definitely going to be the most tough-minded about her – but then again, they are both playful, sparky individuals.

If they can get past the trust issues, there could be potential for a really great coalition there.

How have you prepared for the role of Charlie? And how did the preparation differ from your Amaya preparation?

I find this fascinating, because I knew Amaya’s history – but Charlie is not from the comic book world. She doesn’t even know her own history. That’s the whole point. Throughout this season, we’re going to be figuring out who she is, because she doesn’t know.

She has no idea where she comes from, who she is, or what her back story involves. In that sense, I can do anything really because she’s this malleable energy. For me, it’s more about trying to find the soul of her and the spirit of her.

I’ve been drawing from my own life and drawing from all the characters I’ve seen that I love. I’ve been putting them altogether into an interesting, dynamic human.

One final question for you… Looking back at previous seasons of the show, which time travel adventure did you enjoy the most?

Pirates! I really love the pirate episode. That was so much fun for me. And I think that is the energy of Charlie. She likes being able to hang out with the bad guys. She likes to take charge. Also, having my British accent is fun. The sword fighting was also great. That was definitely my favorite so far. Let’s see where we go next…

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