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With season four of the superhero series about to premiere, what can fans expect next? We catch up with Nick Zano – who plays Nate Heywood in the DC drama – to find out…

When you signed up for the role of Nate Heywood, you admitted that you knew very little about the character’s story in the DC comics. Do you know more about his past in the comic books now?

To be honest, I think I may know even less now because this version of Nate is very different to the comic book character. In the comics, Nate is an opiate addict with one leg.

That’s not this guy. That’s not me. When I first got the role, I did a little research and I was like, “Damn, this character’s back-story is dark.” I wrote an email to the producers and I asked, “How deep are we taking this? How far are we going with this story?” They said to me, “Do not pay attention to any of the comic book stories for the character.”

Since then, I’ve continued to sail away from the comics and I stayed in our wheelhouse; the show’s wheelhouse.

What will fans learn about Nate Heywood in season four?

The show takes more of a personal tone for Nate this season. We’re going to learn more about who Nate was before he was a Legend. We learn about his family. We see some conflict in his past and we discover where he’s from. There’s some great origin stuff for the character, which is really exciting to uncover.

How does the addition of magical creatures and John Constantine [played by Matt Ryan] affect your character in season four?

Nate is a bit of a fish out of water with all this stuff – but for me it’s great because it’s Constantine who has to tackle all the heavy historical dialogue.

It’s difficult to memorize historical lines that include lots of dates and times; especially when it’s fictional historical information. I’m glad that’s all gone to Constantine. In that sense, I have an easier ride for sure.

 Nate had his heart broken in season three. How is he going to get over that in season four?

In a traditional Legends of Tomorrow way, sh*t gets crazy real quick at the start of the season. In the middle of the chaos you have to be present in the chaos, so you have to put those feelings on the backburner – but it definitely comes up again in season four.

What else can fans expect from season four of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

Season four is going to be really exciting. Our season premiere is pretty enormous; it’s maybe the biggest premiere to date for Legends of Tomorrow.

We had about 150 extras on set for the first episode. We really went for it. It’s huge. This is my third season on the show, but this feels all new to me. It feels different and it feels good. For our fourth season, it feels really fresh.

There are so many twists and turns this season… If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back!

How would you describe the tone of season four?

We are never consistent, which is like the best position to be in TV. We’re not married to anything. We can do whatever we want to do with these characters and our storylines. I was talking to [executive producer] Phil [Klemmer] over the hiatus and I said, “I love that we have no rules. We could come back and literally do anything.”

We’re Legends and we don’t have any blueprint, which is very freeing when you’re writing or when you’re acting. We don’t know who’s going to get paired up each episode or what’s going to happen next. It’s like, “Oh, I never thought the two of them would work together – but they do.”

Things click together and then we carry on, but that’s the beauty of the show because we’re not locked into anything or anywhere. That leaves us with endless possibilities.

That must be incredibly freeing…

It is. We have no rules. We can go in any direction. We can go anywhere we want to go. We can make an E.T.-inspired episode. We can do that and everyone’s comfortable watching because we don’t have a blueprint. We can change our tone all the time because we exist in this pocket where everyone leaves us alone creatively.

That pocket is very special and rare in television. We are all aware of it and we don’t take it for granted. In fact, we get behind it because if we’re not behind it, the show falls down.

What are some of the crazier storylines of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

Well, Beebo was a very crazy thing to read [in season three]. I remember saying to Phil, “What is this? Is this for real?” His response was, “Trust us. Trust this giant fluffy blue toy.” That was fun.

What other moments stand out for you?

Remember the mourning puppet for Martin [Stein, played by Victor Garber]? Remember those scenes with Wentworth [Miller, who played Leonard Snart / Captain Cold]? There was a moment on set that day when Wentworth had the puppet, but I hadn’t seen it yet.

I walked on to the Waverider set and I sat down across from Wentworth. He looked at me and said, “Have you seen him?” I was like, “No, I haven’t.” They had everything set up for a scene and he picks up this puppet, which was far larger than we both expected. It was also way more life-like than we expected, too. He was sitting there using it and it was bizarre but great.

I remember saying, “What is this? Whoa!” I needed three minutes with the two of them together to adjust to the sight in front of my eyes.

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