What To Expect From White Canary in Season 4 | DC Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4 of DC Legends of Tomorrow: Tuesdays 8:30pm AEDT fro October 23

With the premiere of season four fast approaching, we spoke to actress Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary) about what fans should expect for the upcoming season….

What can fans expect from season four of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

In season four, we inadvertently open a gate into the realm of mystical creatures, magical creatures, fairytales and legends – and now they are all in places they are not supposed to be.

They are messing up time, so instead of dealing with normal historical figures, we are dealing with crazy magical creatures.

What does Sara Lance want from life at the start of season four?

I think Sara really wants to try to build a life with some level of normalcy. She wants to feel like a real person. She wants to have a relationship and feel the normalcy of situations.

But, of course, that’s not an easy thing to do for someone like Sara, so I think she’s going to struggle a lot in season four. She will be torn between her responsibilities as a captain and having a relationship [with Ava Sharpe, played by Jes Macallan] where she’s also trying to be a regular, normal person. 

What do you think of the fan reaction to ‘Avalance’; the relationship between Ava and Sara?

It’s been awesome. I mean, Jes is an amazing actress and we have so much fun working together. The chemistry is there in real life, so it comes out on screen.

It’s fun because Ava brings out another side of Sara. For once, it’s not like she’s got everything and she knows what she’s doing. She’s in this new territory where it’s like, ‘Wait… What do I do?

How do I live in a normal life and have an actual relationship?’ It is awesome to be able to bring that out of her. 

What dynamic does Matt Ryan bring to the show as John Constantine?

Constantine is the devil on Sara’s shoulder. It’s really interesting because he’s very similar to how Sara used to be. He’s like, “I’m so cursed. Stay away from me. I’m bad.” Sara is different now.

She’s got this new hold on life. She’s thinking, ‘We did good. We saved the world. I have a girlfriend now. Maybe my life’s not so bad? Maybe I can let people in? Maybe I can love people?’ But then you have Constantine, who’s like, “I know who you really are. You are just like me.”

I see him putting in jeopardy the loose hold that she has on this new life. I think he’s going to make it harder.

What about the arrival of Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ new character, Charlie? How will Sara react to Amaya’s doppelganger in season four?

For Sara, I imagine it will be tough. You have this new person who’s coming in and she looks exactly like your friend, but it’s not your friend. That’s going to be strange for sure.

I think it might take a little time for Sara to warm to Charlie. She’s thinking, ‘Wait, you’re not my friend. You’re not Amaya. You look like Amaya, but you’re not Amaya. Where’s Amaya? I liked Amaya!”

Sara Lance has been through a lot in the last couple of seasons; especially when she was possessed by Mallus. What was it like to play two different versions of Sara?

It’s been great. The Mallus stuff was really nice because everyone else has got all these powers – but I have to do everything the old-fashioned way.

To have an episode where I did something different was really fun. I had a blast.

You also made a cameo in the finale of Arrow, where Sara’s father passed away. How is Sara going to cope with the loss of her father in the new season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

You know what? It’s so hard to carry over something from another show on to our show. Our show is a light-hearted comedy, so we don’t dive deep into it.

To be honest, I feel like she dealt with what happened off-screen. We talk about it a little bit [in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow], but we’re not going to see her go through it. She’s already come to terms with it.

One of the crazy breakout stars of season three was Beebo. What did you think of the show’s bizarre character last season?

When Beebo first came out in the Viking episode, we all were like, “Did we just jump the shark?” Amaya was holding this stuffed animal doll whilst wearing a Viking costume and we were like, “This is either going to be great or we just jumped the shark and we’re done.” In the end, it turned out to be great. People loved it. We were thrilled.

Does the show incorporate a lot more CGI and green-screen work in the shift from sci-fi to magic in season four?

There’s definitely a lot more CGI stuff this season. There are a lot more special effects. It’s going to be great.

As an actor, how do you ground your performance when you’re working with CGI and special effects?

It’s certainly weird, but the director helps you through it. I often find it hysterical. Literally, it can be the funniest thing because you’re just standing there in a blank space and someone talks you through what’s going on.

There’s nothing there, but they say to you, “Okay… The dragon has landed right in front of you. And now he’s walking up to you. He’s smelling you. And there’s another one behind you!” But you look around the space and there’s absolutely nothing there.

You just have to react to what the director tells you is happening. It’s really weird.

What would you like to see happen next?

Now that we have so many girls on our cast, I’d like to have more missions where it’s all ladies. I think there are a lot of great bromances on our show, so we need some more girl… Wait… What should you call it? Girlmances? Is there a word for it? If a bromance was to happen with girls, what would it be called?

Anyway, I’d like to see more of that. I would like for some of the female relationships deepen a little for sure.

Season 4 of DC Legends of Tomorrow: Tuesdays 8:30pm AEDT fro October 23